Rising Hope Raises Funds

Rising Hope Equine Center is hosting a fundraiser with The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company. Orders are due with payment by February 23 and will be delivered March 13. 


Rising Hope therapeutic center is in West Point Ohio, at Hoppel’s Arena with programs each June through July. Each session is different for everyone. Occasionally, Rising Hope does different fundraisers to help bring in money to facilitate activities for participants. Some of their fundraisers are Pittsburgh Popcorn sale, Hoppel Rodeo, and Princess Ball. Rising hope is currently doing their Pittsburgh Popcorn sale. Orders are due with payment by Februrary 23 and the popcorn will be delivered March 13. To order, contact Andrea Jarrett (email listed at the bottom of this page) or any other Rising Hope board member.  Hoppel Rodeo is from June 30th to July 1st. The Princess Ball is May 20th is at Beaver Local, and it is open to the community. Most of the money they make for these fundraisers goes toward Rising Hope Therapeutic Riding Center.

Rising Hope is a disability therapy center to help people with their disabilities.Patty Hoppel, equine specialist, and Andrea Jarrett, director at Rising Hope, noticed that there were not a lot of activities for their multi-handicap students for after school or during the summer. So, they wanted to give something to the families for their children to do something special while still working on learning goals and therapy goals. Many parents were interested, and the program blossomed. The parents loved the idea, and the children loved spending theme with the horses. Beaver Local students have been to get involved with Rising Hope as volunteers and participants. Even Beaver Local graduate and NFL player Derek Wolfe has been involved with Rising Hope Equine Center.

Mrs. Andrea Jarrett, who is a multiple disabilities teacher at Beaver Local, is also the director of Rising Hope. Some of the board members of Rising Hope are Patty Hoppel and Karen Sprouse, BL bus driver and cafeteria worker, Connie Smith, BL speech therapist, and Sue Stromp, BL ID teacher at, and Member of Outlaws with Attitude 4H club.


If you are interested in contributing to Rising Hope to help individuals with disabilities, please contact Andrea Jarret at andrea.jarrett@beaverlocal.org


To order, contact andrea.jarrett@beaverlocal.org


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