LEO Club Mentoring Program

Leo stands for leadership, experience, opportunity. Leo club is a good way to get community service. There are multiple different programs in this club. At Beaver Local, they have Buddy Beaver Mentoring, and Precious Moments with Seniors. There are many more programs, but Mr. Barnes prefers some people to have a part in a certain program. However, in the elementary section of Beaver Local, they held a book fair for the kindergarteners. These books came from the book dues the Leo’s owed. Each Leo is required to bring at least two books in the beginning of the year.

In the Buddy Beaver Mentoring program you are like a big brother or sister to a kindergartner. “They always look forward to seeing you everyday,” said Bella Sweigard and Kiley Cook, both active members of the Leo Club. According to all the Leo’s that joined the bunt beaver program, it is fun and the kids always want you to come back to visit. Of course, a lot of the Leo’s are involved in other things, such as sports, so they can’t always come more than once a week. You stay after school from 2:30-3:30 and help the student or students. Sometimes you will help the teacher out with other tasks.

When you go to Precious Moments with seniors, you play board games, bingo, and do multiple different activities. Sometimes the seniors will color some pictures, and the Leo Club members will hang them up in the kindergarten section. “The seniors are always happy to see us again,” said Mr. Barnes the leader of the Leo’s. When the Leo’s go, they are socializing with the seniors and some seniors want to do different activities. It all depends on what the seniors want to do. The time for this program is from 1:00-3:00.

Each program is for a good cause. Each Leo who goes gets community service for the time being spent with the kindergartners, and seniors.The Leo’s are always doing good things for the community and to help others. Leo Club is a club in Beaver Local where anyone can join any time. All you have to do is go into the main office and look for a paper on the racks. Then stay after on Tuesday, or anytime that is good for you, and give Mr. Barnes the paper. Then you can start!

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