5 fun activities


1.) Go Ice Skating
There is not a better way to risk bodily harm to yourself and others than to go glide on some frozen water. It doesn’t matter if it’s under the big tree in Pittsburgh, the Ice Zone in Boardman, or your neighbor’s pond. Living your true Yuri Pilitsey dream is always a good time and falling on your face surrounded by loved ones it a GREAT time.

2.) Have. A Christmas Movie Marathon (or a regular movie marathon if you don’t celebrate Christmas. We don’t judge)

Start by getting all your blankets and pillows out and PILE them up. Completely make it so it’s like a soft room of Sherpa and fluff. Then pick out 5-6 movies for all of you and your friends to watch. Also, do NOT forget snacks, they are critical to making this a good time. Buy the most greases, cheese filled, deep fried, GMO filled food you can. Eat to your heart’s content and laugh the night away in your PJs with your friends.

3.) Make some yummy cookies!

Now I get that baking takes time and energy that we don’t have. That’s why I say buy some of the pre-made, slap them on a cookie tray and call it a night. I honestly like this method because it’s low work and makes life so easy. After all, you wanna spend the time talking with your friends not doing prep work for cookies.

4.) See a Light Show

Take all of your friends and put on some COMFY clothing. Pile up in the car and head out to a Christmas light show. They are all over and it’s a great friend road trip to go on. Drive like an hour away and after grabbing a bite to eat. It’s a great and fun activity for any group


I know we all get mad at the snow but we should really value it more. Some people don’t have access to the frozen wonderlands that we do. Make snowmen and angels, go sled riding and make the most of it. Tap into your childhood youth and have a great time walking in a winter wonderland.

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