Six Great Gifts

1.) Crocs
Frequently seen as an ugly fashion don’t, these soon to be trendy shoes will definitely be a great addition to anyone’s closet. They are highly comfortable and easy to wear these shoes will add an effect to any look, are great for on the go, and if you wear them with fuzzy socks I promise you will not be a mistake. Retailing for $11.22 these shoes come in a variety of colors and are easy to snatch on any budget.

2.) Gucci Slides
Coming in at a much heavier price than the previously mentioned Crocs these slides are a CLOUT booster. Many people may see this as a “waste of money” and ” not worth it” but if you have Gucci Slides and get to walk out of your house in them you will feel like a straight G. Retailing for $ 210 these have a heavy price but they are not just an investment but a lifestyle enhancer. Great for anyone of any age buy someone you love and yourself a pair of Gucci SLides.

3.) Cat Back-Pack
DO YOU HAVE A CAT! If not then maybe consider getting one? Let me tell you this traveling cat case would certainly make any cat lover happy. You frequently wish to take that furry friend with you and now you can. You and that special furry friend will be able to travel the entire world together now and nothing can hold you back. You will not regret buying this cute and life-enhancing Cat Case for the low retail price of $52.99. Guaranteed to make any fur parent happy.

4.) A Dinosaur Onesie
Comfy, cozy, and super easy to wear these hecka kawaii desu pajamas are not a mistake. The soft pink color will help to keep your pastel dreams a reality. Being able to leave your home feeling the comfort of a cloud this soft and calm onesie will keep you smiling no matter what year or time of day it is. This paired with black or white vans is always a good idea for any going out look. Great for sleepovers, pj days, or causal grocery shopping this is a great purchase for any friend or loved ones. Retailing at $28.99 it may be slightly above what you are looking to spend, but as a frequent onesie shopper, I promise you this price can’t be beaten.

5.) A Tricera Top Taco Holder
As a foodie and late night entertainer, I am always searching for a cute and fun way to entertain the kiddos. Well, this is the answer for any party host or dino lover. Giving those oh so fun treats a little more spice, every pun implied and turning it into a fun thing for children to look at. Making it easy to entertain guest of all age dynamics this gift is perfect for a housewarming party, birthdays, or just because you care. Retailing for $12.95 this is a STEAL!

6.) 8 boxes of Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls
Now I know what you are thinking, WHY? Well, these are amazing that’s why they taste and look great. You are going to want eight boxes because you should take these everywhere. A car trip, bag lunch, or late night snack are always great options and my most preferred. Sweet and delicious you should buy these for everyone. No one and I mean no one should ever not wish for this yummy treat.

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