Studying Tips

We have all been in a place where our binders are a mess and taking notes are boring and hard to read. It’s more likely for a student to read their notes to study if it’s something more than just a bland piece of paper with words. Try highlighting sections and important information. Having sections colored or highlighted makes it easier for the eyes to find important information when needed quickly.

So you’re probably asking how would I do this? First, you want to designate a color for a certain part. For example, blue for the titles and dates, green for definitions, and yellow for examples. You can pick any color that is suitable for your tastes. I recommend darker colors for longer text as to lighter colors for shorter text. This method will put less strain on your eyes while reading.

If you are a messy writer you can take the notes, color code them, and then put them into a slides or on a different sheet of paper. PROTIP! If you erase a lot, do not use pen. It might be more work but editing notes like this will help you understand the information better. Research says going over information you don’t understand fourteen times will make it stick. Furthermore when you’re listening to it being thought over and over, writing it down, color coding it, then putting it in slides. You will know your information better when using this method.

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