2018 Beaver Local NHS

What is NHS: NHS stands for National Honor Society. NHS looks good on your applications to college, and it also helps you get grants and scholarships to help pay for college so you can be debt free!

How do you get into NHS: in order to get into NHS you have to be an excellent student. You have to carry and 3.5 GPA or higher. They also looks for leadership, excellence, and your accomplishments in high school. They also look for how much you help the community ( community service ). It is not easy getting into NHS but it’s a great accomplishment.

These are the following members of the 2018 NHS

Maggie Maharick
Drew Theiss
Sydney Voorhees
Alex Ward

Michael Agnew
Braydon Bowyer
Hannah Braslawsce
Hannah Call
Angelina D’Itri
Alexia Harding
Vince Hoppel
Madison Kendall
Katrina Malcolm
Emily Monte
Madison Ours
Leah Pancake
Madeleine Schreffler
Beau Smith
Hannah Virden

Congratulations on the great accomplishment!

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