Six Great Gifts

1.) Crocs
Frequently seen as an ugly fashion don’t, these soon to be trendy shoes will definitely be a great addition to anyone’s closet. They are highly comfortable and easy to wear these shoes will add an effect to any look, are great for on the go, and if you wear them with fuzzy socks I promise you will not be a mistake. Retailing for $11.22 these shoes come in a variety of colors and are easy to snatch on any budget.

2.) Gucci Slides
Coming in at a much heavier price than the previously mentioned Crocs these slides are a CLOUT booster. Many people may see this as a “waste of money” and ” not worth it” but if you have Gucci Slides and get to walk out of your house in them you will feel like a straight G. Retailing for $ 210 these have a heavy price but they are not just an investment but a lifestyle enhancer. Great for anyone of any age buy someone you love and yourself a pair of Gucci SLides.

3.) Cat Back-Pack
DO YOU HAVE A CAT! If not then maybe consider getting one? Let me tell you this traveling cat case would certainly make any cat lover happy. You frequently wish to take that furry friend with you and now you can. You and that special furry friend will be able to travel the entire world together now and nothing can hold you back. You will not regret buying this cute and life-enhancing Cat Case for the low retail price of $52.99. Guaranteed to make any fur parent happy.

4.) A Dinosaur Onesie
Comfy, cozy, and super easy to wear these hecka kawaii desu pajamas are not a mistake. The soft pink color will help to keep your pastel dreams a reality. Being able to leave your home feeling the comfort of a cloud this soft and calm onesie will keep you smiling no matter what year or time of day it is. This paired with black or white vans is always a good idea for any going out look. Great for sleepovers, pj days, or causal grocery shopping this is a great purchase for any friend or loved ones. Retailing at $28.99 it may be slightly above what you are looking to spend, but as a frequent onesie shopper, I promise you this price can’t be beaten.

5.) A Tricera Top Taco Holder
As a foodie and late night entertainer, I am always searching for a cute and fun way to entertain the kiddos. Well, this is the answer for any party host or dino lover. Giving those oh so fun treats a little more spice, every pun implied and turning it into a fun thing for children to look at. Making it easy to entertain guest of all age dynamics this gift is perfect for a housewarming party, birthdays, or just because you care. Retailing for $12.95 this is a STEAL!

6.) 8 boxes of Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls
Now I know what you are thinking, WHY? Well, these are amazing that’s why they taste and look great. You are going to want eight boxes because you should take these everywhere. A car trip, bag lunch, or late night snack are always great options and my most preferred. Sweet and delicious you should buy these for everyone. No one and I mean no one should ever not wish for this yummy treat.

5 fun activities


1.) Go Ice Skating
There is not a better way to risk bodily harm to yourself and others than to go glide on some frozen water. It doesn’t matter if it’s under the big tree in Pittsburgh, the Ice Zone in Boardman, or your neighbor’s pond. Living your true Yuri Pilitsey dream is always a good time and falling on your face surrounded by loved ones it a GREAT time.

2.) Have. A Christmas Movie Marathon (or a regular movie marathon if you don’t celebrate Christmas. We don’t judge)

Start by getting all your blankets and pillows out and PILE them up. Completely make it so it’s like a soft room of Sherpa and fluff. Then pick out 5-6 movies for all of you and your friends to watch. Also, do NOT forget snacks, they are critical to making this a good time. Buy the most greases, cheese filled, deep fried, GMO filled food you can. Eat to your heart’s content and laugh the night away in your PJs with your friends.

3.) Make some yummy cookies!

Now I get that baking takes time and energy that we don’t have. That’s why I say buy some of the pre-made, slap them on a cookie tray and call it a night. I honestly like this method because it’s low work and makes life so easy. After all, you wanna spend the time talking with your friends not doing prep work for cookies.

4.) See a Light Show

Take all of your friends and put on some COMFY clothing. Pile up in the car and head out to a Christmas light show. They are all over and it’s a great friend road trip to go on. Drive like an hour away and after grabbing a bite to eat. It’s a great and fun activity for any group


I know we all get mad at the snow but we should really value it more. Some people don’t have access to the frozen wonderlands that we do. Make snowmen and angels, go sled riding and make the most of it. Tap into your childhood youth and have a great time walking in a winter wonderland.

The Importance of Applying Yourself

While it may be sad to say the time we have at high school is limited. I have learned many things in my time as a student here, but none more important than what it takes to get your GPA up. I have had to work especially hard to achieve the academic standing I have, while much of that work could have been avoided. Here are the things I have learned throughout the journey of academics in high school.


The first mistake I made most likely can be traced back to freshman year. I never asked for help or took my school work seriously, this led to being almost failing my math class and doing poorly in several others. It is important that the second you enter high school you take the courses you can handle and do the best you possibly can. Do not just copy your assignments and allow several at a time to go missing. Staying on top of these things will help to make sure that your transcripts look as bright as you are. I recently began applying to colleges and seeing the effect that my freshman and sophomore year have had on my GPA makes me so frustrated. Since I had decided to take things as a joke and worry about them later I now had to push myself to achieve straight A’s and take stressful AP courses to boost my GPA. While all of this could have been avoided had I simply just taken my school work seriously and realized that high school will pass by much quicker than expected.

However, this does not mean do not challenge yourself. Taking courses slightly out of your comfort zone can also help make you a better student, so if you are advanced in English don’t be afraid to take those AP courses. While you may have to push yourself it won’t be on a topic you struggle with, just something you will have to apply yourself to. For example, I do well when it comes to History and consider it one of my stronger subjects. So my junior year I took an AP history class but only a general math because I knew that was something I would struggle in. I knew taking the AP score would help raise the GPA that I had so carelessly forgotten the importance of and the math would be a challenge but I could at least pull out a low A when I applied myself. It is all about finding the healthy balance between the courses that will make you a better student but also will not set you up for failure.

When you achieve a high GPA combined with varying act scores (which those challenging classes can help you learn the study habits that help you) it can open the door to many types of scholarships and benefits come college time. So go out, apply yourself, be the best student you can be, and do the amazing things you are capable of.

Trying Something New

High School is one of the few times in our lives that we are able to try a diverse range of clubs, sports, and fine art activities. Beaver Local has an incredible array of these activities and classes that allow its students the opportunity to find their niche and what makes them happy. This no doubt is what helps us as Beaver Local Students to achieve in all of the many ways that they do. Whether it be joining a sport or club, taking a class, or simply meeting new people never let the fear of something new stop you from trying it.

I have found so many of my favorite things because of school. My sophomore year I decided to join the swim team. This was my first time going so far out of my comfort zone and trying something incredibly new. This is still one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. It has grown into something I have a deep and unconditional love for. It makes me incredibly happy; however, it is very bittersweet. I wish that I would have tried swimming much sooner in my life, even to have been able to swim for one more year would have been incredible. If you ever, for even a moment, considering doing something completely new DO NOT HESITATE. Take a leap of faith and you may possibly find something you never knew you could love.

My second leap of faith is when I decided to try out for cheerleading. I went in with zero experience, knowledge, or idea of what I was getting myself into. All I was certain of was the fact that I wanted to try it. It seemed like it would be so much fun, and I wasn’t wrong! Cheering is another one of those things that I have grown to love. The entire energy of it is something incredible, it keeps my Fridays exciting, and honestly is one of the most fun parts of my senior year. Trying new things does pose certain challenges, it is such hard work. In both of these examples, I had no idea what it would take to catch up to the others who had been doing it since they were six. Hours spent working on form in a pool or staying up late to go over sidelines. The hard work pays off in the end though, and while I still have a lot of perfecting to do it has become a fun challenge.

So get out there, try something new, and don’t be afraid. It will always be worth it to try and even if you don’t end up finding a love for it you can leave knowing you never wasted an opportunity. Take advantage of all of the amazing offers that you have been given, waste no time, and take none of it for granted. Put in hard work and dedication to the things you love, making the most of the time we have been given. High School goes by in the blink of an eye, don’t waste it away getting caught up in the big picture and enjoy the amazing little things that happen every day.

Seven Helpful Makeup Tips For Back To School!

Back to school season is a time when people try to look their best and reinvent their look. We at the Beaver Blog want you to always look your best, so we came up with seven helpful makeup tips to keep your look flawless.



Similar to a bag you would have ready for the apocalypse you should be able to fit anything you would need throughout your day. I recommend keeping your setting spray, powder, and sponge/brush in there at all times. The bag doesn’t have to be large and over the top, just something small and cute that you can easily carry with you.


2.) Use a sponge sprayed with setting spray to help control creasing and cakey foundation/concealer.


Take your favorite beauty blender and setting spray. Spray your blender liberally with setting spray before using the sponge to help to blend out any creasing or cakey areas in your foundation. This type is really helpful because not only does it restore the airbrush finish it also helps to reset your makeup.


3.) Find a primer that works well with your skin type!


The primer that you use can greatly affect the longevity and overall finish of your makeup. It is very important that you find a primer that will work with your skin type since I have oily skin I find the Smashbox photo finish primer works best for me. It creates the flawless finish I look for and reduces the fine lines on my face greatly.


4.) Travel size products are your best friend.

Make-up can be expensive and nothing is worse than spending money on a product you don’t like. Travel size products give you the opportunity to not only test out a product to see if it will work well for you in the future, it also gives you a convenient tiny version of your favorites to carry with you easily and with no hassle.


5.) Develop a brow routine that is easy for you and can be quick



To me having a strong brow game can completely change the look you bring to the day. In all reality as long as you have a fleeky brow, lip gloss, and some mascara you will pretty much look put together. If I had to rank what is most important to get done before I leave my house, it will always be my brows. They simply create the illusion of being put together when in reality we are just stressed out high-school kids.


6.) Always carry make-up wipes with you!!

It is the number one tool I use. When I’m at school or out and I see that the look has gone past the point of being fixable. That no beauty blender or setting spray could help me I simply grab my wipes and take everything but my brows off. They are also a plus to keep with you in case you have sports practice or some other event after school. Odds are if you are going to be sweating aggressively, you won’t want to have to have a melting cut crease and sweaty foundation all over your face. It is also really great for your skin to not be sweating while in a full face.


7.) Always have fun and pay no attention to what anyone else says.


Makeup is about expression and having fun. Do you and don’t worry what people have to say if you look in the mirror and are happy that is all that matters. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see the amazing beats you are going to do.