Job Shadowing: My Experience

For Mrs Hendricks class, our last senior project was to go job shadowing. We had two different days to job shadow whoever we wanted. We could shadow the same person twice or two different people. I chose to shadow Mrs Mulholland both days. She is a third grade teacher in the Beaver Local Elementary.

My experience shadowing her was amazing. I was not sure if I wanted to become an Early Childhood teacher or not but after this experience I am pretty sure that this is what I would like to do for the rest of my life. I got to spend the day with the kids and helping them prep for their state testing. I even got to experience them taking their math state test. It was nice to see what a day in the life of a third grade teacher was like because Mrs Mulholland made sure I got the full experience.

Although we had to do a lot of work dealing with our job shadowing experience, I highly recommend doing it. If you are not sure what you want to do with your life or what you want to be when you are older, job shadowing can really help figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

Summer is Fast Approaching

This school year is coming to an end and even though this crazy Ohio weather is not warm or sunny yet, summer is about to be upon us. Summer is the time to be lazy and sleep in all day but if you are ever bored one summer day, I have five fun ideas for what you can do to make your day more interesting.

Idea #1: Go swimming

Summer time is the perfect time to go swimming. It is hot and taking a quick dip in a pool is a great way to cool off from the hot summer sun. If you do not have your own pool, you can always try to go to a friends house or some parks like Thompson Park has a pool that you can swim at for only a few dollars.

Idea #2: Drive around with your windows down and music playing

Getting in the car and driving around with all your windows down and listening to music is always really nice and calming.

Idea #3: Go for a walk at the park

Going to the park is always a good way to get exercise It is also a good way to see different things and just enjoy your day. Plus, you can always take your dog and have fun walking them.

Idea #4: Go on an adventure

You can grab a couple friends or whoever you want and go out and find different things to do. For example, you can ride around at night listening to music and enjoying the night time and looking at the stars.

Idea #5: Go on a picnic

Grab your significant other, friend, or anyone you want and get some food, drinks, and a blanket and go to a park and enjoy the day.

Bowling Season has Come to an End

The 2017-2018 girls and boys bowling season has come to an end. The boys team finished with a 7-2 season. The girls finished with a 2-7 season. Congrats to everyone who bowled a great season!

The boys were very close to advancing after sectionals. Sophomore, Alex Burgess, placed 3rd at sectionals with a 648 series and advanced onto districts as an individual. At districts, he was only 21 pins of short of advancing onto states! At sectionals the girls placed 16th.

I had the pleasure of being on the bowling team this year. It was my first year bowling and it was very fun. I would highly recommend bowling to anyone who wants to be apart of a team or wants to do a sport. The people and coaches are very friendly and it is a fun after school activity to be apart of. With the help from the coaches and fellow student bowlers, I improved a lot. Overall, it was a great experience and anyone who might be interested in bowling should definitely become apart of the team. Also, good luck to my fellow senior classmates: Cameron Lane, Ryan Zywiec, Caitlin Lerussi, Morgan Talbott, Harley Smith, Taylor Doolin, and Jayma Sullivan as we graduate this year.


3 Tips on How to Become Motivated at School:

Being a senior in high school, I know how hard it is to get motivated to wake up for school or even do my assignments. I have always been the person to do everything super last minute or sleep in until the last possible second before having to get up for school. Now, I am here to tell you my tips and tricks on how to get motivated to do the things that need to get done.

Tip #1: Get Sleep
We all know that school starts at a very early time. We all have those nights where we stay up late. Whether it be finishing your homework or binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. However, going to bed at a reasonable time has significantly improved my motivation. Not being tired and worn out really increases your chances of becoming more productive.

Tip #2: Do NOT Procrastinate
I know this is a hard thing that we all struggle to do, but procrastinating is a bad habit that we all need to break. You should always try to do your work as early as possible so you do not have to worry about doing it last minute. Doing it early assures that you got it done and it will take a huge weight off your shoulders. But, in order to do that work, you have to get motivated. My tip is to reward yourself after you do your work. For example, eat your favorite snack or watch your favorite show after you have done your work.


Tip #3: Set Goals
If you set a goal that you want to meet, it will give you that motivation you need to want to do it. Setting goals and meeting that goal gives you the sense of accomplishment that can give you more motivation to keep on excelling.