Need a Job? Subway is looking for great new employees!



Hello Beaver Local students! I am a manger at the Calcutta Subway located next to Giant Eagle. Our store and the Walmart Subway are in dire need of employees! I would like to share with you some information about Subway and to explain that it is a wonderful job for high-school or college students!


  1. Customer service


Most of you have probably attended a Subway before at least once in you life. You know that a lot of communicating is involved.  We go down the line asking all sorts of different questions, and we like to talk to our customers on a personal level because most of them are regulars. You have to be friendly, cooperative and not afraid to talk loud.  


  1.  We are a team


All of Subways workers are close. We act as a team and get the list/shift done together. At Subway you do not only make subs, salads or wraps. You have a list to follow each shift, with things that need done. Such as dishes, sweeping, filling sauce bottles, stocking things, filling the chip rack, cleaning the restrooms and other tasks. Sometimes, when we have busy nights it is hard to get the list done on your own. You should be able to work with your co worker as a team to help complete that shifts tasks.


  1.  Positive attitudes


If you come into work with a bad attitude you cause your co workers to be in a bad attitude. Subway does get busy and sometimes can be stressful when your trying to get your list done. If you and your co worker have a bad attitude that shift will not go easy. The more you stress the more you will get behind. Always come into Subway feeling positive, if you don’t, fake it. For me Subway can take away my stress for a few hours because i can focus on something else.


  1. Schedules


Subway does their best to work around any sports, school or other work schedules. This is a perfect job if you are in Highschool or college. The unit and district manager will work around the schedule you provide them. We also have a request off book, you write in the day you need off and at least one word explaining why you need that day off. You can also write “am only”, “pm only” or “after 4” if you can either work in the morning or afternoon that day.


  1. call offs


You can not all off multiple times without a valid excuse. Death of a family member and sickness ( with a dr excuse ) are excused. You can’t just call off because you don’t feel like coming into work that day. Once a week you will have a day that you are “on call” this means if someone calls off that day you will be called into work. You can not say no to a on call. You can risk getting fired if you do not come in. If you are sick or there has been a death it will be excused but you must contact the unit manager and tell him/her so they know not to call you in.

Subway is a great job! Come into the store and grab a paper application or go online!

Ten more minutes..

Most people today have a cell phone that they always have with them. Phones as well as technology have became popular in todays society. Each year new/better technology is created and released to the public. People are willing to spend a lot for their electronic devices. Most people get on their phone everywhere they go, during whatever they are doing. However, behind the wheel is unacceptable.

From the time we were in middle school and through high school we have been shown videos of the horrible effects of texting while driving. Most teens believe it is just a scare tactic to prevent them from being on their phone. They believe the horrific accidents won’t happen to them. The kids who think they are unbreakable, “that it won’t happen to them” will realize the importance of staying off your phone while driving until it is to late.

Imagine driving down the road, the radio is jamming your favorite song that makes you feel the happiest person in that moment. Your phone goes off and you feel the need to pick up your phone and text your friend back, you sent a text that could have waited ten more minutes. However, you won’t make it that 10 extra minutes, your mom won’t see you pull up into the driveway, she never thought it would be her last time saying the she loves you earlier that day. While you were sending that unimportant text back, you swerved into the other lane colliding into another vehicle. That vehicle had a family of four inside the car, you destroyed their lives, they will never be the same. Two little girls lost their parents because of you, your parents lost you, all because of a unimportant text message that could have waited ten more minutes. Your parents will get a phone call or maybe a state trooper will drive to your house and tell them personally. Your mother will fall to her knees while your father stands in shock. Their baby is gone forever. Two young girls will grow up without their parents and will be raised in foster care because of you. You should have waited only ten more minutes to reply.

Imagine you survived the accident but the parents still passed away. You will have to live with the guilt of tearing apart a young, beautiful and happy family. You will realize the hurt you have caused two young children. Two murders will be placed on your shoulders, people will be ashamed of you. Your parents will be blessed to still have you in their lives but will be highly disappointed in you. Imagine laying down every night and having the accident replay in your mind. You will constantly ask yourself why you didn’t wait ten more minutes to answer a simple text, a text that took away two amazing people.

Now imagine waiting that ten extra minutes to reply. Your mom got to see you pull up into the driveway and greet you at the door. She gets to ask you, her baby, how your day went and how hers went. You can reply to your friend and make plans to hangout with them, instead of them planning to go to your funeral.  Your parents want be hurt or disappointed, they will be happy to spend another day with you. A family gets to enjoy their day, they made it to the park to spend family time together. Two young girls get to grow up with both their parents in a happy family and will soon have another sibling. You waited ten more minutes, saved yourself and a beautiful family.

Stay off your phone while behind the wheel, it can wait.

Helpful studying tips


 For some Beaver Local students studying may be hard for them or seem nearly impossible to do. Students make excuses to avoid studying, which often leads to a test grade that is not the best. This post will hopefully give you some studying tips or ideas and better your test scores.


1. Don’t study for hours straight

When studying you should not spend more than an hour at a time. You should study for 30 minutes at a time. Trying to fill your brain with information will be too much at once, this will only overwhelm you. To memorize everything you should study 30-40 minutes each night before your test. If you study the night before, you should study for 20 minutes take a break, get a drink or a snack and then go back to studying.

2. Use flashcards!

Flash cards are a great and easy way to remember your content. You can study by yourself or you can have someone study with you. All you have to do is write the question on one side and the answer on the other. Read the question and then try to answer the question. You can take your cards anywhere with you and study. Do the flashcards over and over, you will soon remember them.

3. Don’t wait until the last minute

Don’t wait until the night before your test to study. You can try to cram all your content in the night before but you will stress yourself out and not remember it all. You need to give yourself at least 2 days to help yourself memorize your content.

4. Study where you are comfortable

Your surroundings are really important when it comes to studying. Some students need a quiet place to study, while others can study anywhere. If you need quiet time try going to the library or staying after school if you’re allowed.  Some students need to feel professional and study at a desk. Others like to be in their Pjs, in bed while they are comfortable.  It is a good idea to figure out what surroundings suit you best while studying.