Battle of the Classes

Battle of the classes is the day where freshman through seniors get to compete against each other to see what class is the most superior. Each grade participates in series of events the show off their ability. At the end of all the events the points are added up and the winner is chosen. This years battle of the classes took place last Thursday on April 26th. And the results were the seniors came is first, sophomores came in second, juniors came in third, and freshman came in fourth.




Tennis shoe relay-

4 students from each grade take off their shoes and place them in the center of the gym. Then each of the students return to their designated area in the gym. Then each of the line up and one at a time sprint to the center of the circle and retrieve their shoes, put them on, tie them, and sprint back to their teammates and tag them in.


Baby bottle chug-

Two students from each class participate. One kid sits in a chair with a bottle ready. While the other kid sprints to the chair and sits in the other kids lap. Then the kid with the bottle feeds the other kid and the first team to finish wins.


Drag race-

The team consists of 1 male and 5 females. The man stands at one end of the gym while each one of the girls sprint to that end and place a female clothing item on him then sprint back and tag their other teammate in. Once the man is fully dressed he runs to the other end of the gym the first to finish wins.


3 Legged race-

This event consists of two pairs of two from each team. The two pairs from each team stand at one end of the gym and each pair has a rope tied around one of their legs tying them together. Then the first pair runs down and back to the other end of the gym then once they are finished the next pair goes. The first team to finish wins.


Tug O’ war-

Each team consists of 4 boys and 4 girls. Only two classes battle at a time. One team stands on each end both side holding the rope. Then each team pulls the rope to their side trying to get the flag in their side. The winning team then faces the winner of the other classes.


Snake skin-

Each class forms a team of 8 people. These people all stand in a single file line and link hangs with person in front and behind them. Then each person must lie on the ground while the next person steps over them then lies on the ground. After everyone is laying on the ground then the team must all stand up. But while doing all of this they can’t break hands.


Balloon buster-

This event consists of 4 people from each team. One person from each team stands in the center of the gym. While each person stands at the other end with a balloon. Then each person one at a time runs to the person in the center with their ballon and tries to pop it together . But each person must pop it in a certain way. The first person must pop it by standing up, the second must do it by having the center person sitting down. The third person must then pop it by having the center person laying in the ground.





Upcoming events

We Beaver Local students are nearing the end of this school year. We have just entered our last 9 weeks. With this time of year come much excitement due to all the upcoming events. In the next coming month students will begin to take their state tests. Our juniors and seniors will prepare for their prom. And many clubs will be taking trips.

Here’s some important events to keep in mind:

Choir New York trip: April 19 – April 22

Prom: May 11th

Seniors last day: May 18th

Senior trip: May 19th – May 22nd

Graduation: May 25th

Memorial Day (No school): May 28th

Boston Trip: May 28th – June 1st

Last Day Of School: June 31st

The Phantom of The Opera

The Beaver Local Masquers club recently put on the production The Phantom of The Opera. The Phantom of The Opera is classic and very well know musical. The story takes place in a 19th century opera house. And is centered around a love triangle between the three main characters. The production took place in the Beaver Local High School auditorium on March 16th, 17th, and 18th. The production took lots of time and hard work from everyone involved. But all in all it paid off with a packed auditorium and a very pleased audience.

The Phantom – Jeremy Balmenti
Christine Daae – Madeleine Schreffler
Charlotta – Abigail Monte
Raoul – Roc Wirth
Ubaldo Piangi – Grant Hall
Monsieur Andre – Corey Snow
Monsieur Firmin – Vince Hoppel
Madame Giry – Mikayla Shulas
Meg Giry – Katrina Malcolm
Monsieur Reyer / Auctioneer – Blake Williams
Monsieur Lefevre – Tyler Hall
Joseph Buquet – Mark Elliott
Student Director- Alexa Schwerha
Along with chorus

Director- Mrs. Alison Hamilton
Assistant Director- Mrs. Leslie Gabbert
Along with a wonderful stage crew, makeup crew, and light/ sound crew.

Beavers Send Four to State

This past weekend the Beaver Local wrestling team competed in the Division 2 District tournament. The tournament took place on Friday and Saturday at Claymont high school. Where the top 4 placers and each weight class would advance to the state tournament. The Beavers had eleven wrestlers qualify for the district tournament. Those were seniors Noah Smith, Chad Mays, and Zach Thomas. Juniors Jared Wright and Beau Smith. Sophomores Cole McComas, Skylar Lasure, and Daniel Wirth. Freshman Logan Krulik, Devon Salsberry, and Sam Lowe. The tournament resulted in many victories along with many tears. Only 4 wrestlers were able to make it out. While others had many hard lost battles. Of those 4 wrestlers were Beau Smith, Jared Wright, Cole McComas, and Skyler Lasure.

Beau Smith placed 4th to punch his ticket to state. This will be Beau’s third consecutive trip to the state tournament.

Jared Wright will be making his first trip to the state tournament after placing 4th. He had an incredible weekend with many upsets that got him there.

Skyler Lasure took second place and will be returning to the state tournament for his second trip after placing 7th last year.

Cole McComas got 1st place making him a 2x district champion. And he will also be making his second trip to state after receiving the 2nd place in last years state tournament.

The state tournament will take place this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. At the Schottenstein Center on the Ohio State campus in Columbus, Ohio. With the Division 2 first round beginning on Thursday at approximately 4 pm.