Holiday Happenings at BLHS

The holidays are right around the corner and I could not be more excited, and as of today, Christmas is in 47 days! I mean, I’m sure we all know how it usually goes, once Halloween is over we skip Thanksgiving and boom! Cue those classic holiday tunes! I have to admit that I am one of those people and I’m not ashamed about my over-the-top Christmas spirit. With the holidays quickly approaching, Beaver Local is preparing for the festive season.
Here are a few of the upcoming events that we have on our radar for the holidays:


Friday, November 17 : the Masquer’s Club play “The Great High School Whodunnit” @ 7:00pm 

Wednesday, November 22– Monday, November 27: THANKSGIVING BREAK

Wednesday, November 29: First Day of The Phantom of the Opera Auditions 

Thursday, November 30: Second Day of The Phantom of the Opera Auditions 



Saturday, December 2: NHS’ “Breakfast with Santa” @ 8:00am 

Saturday, December 9: Show Choir’s Fundraiser “A Bit of Holiday Cheer”         @ 2:00pm

Tuesday, December 12: High School Choir Holiday Concert @ 6:30pm 

Friday, December 15: Ugly Sweater Day! 

Sunday, December 17: Winter Band Concert @ 1:00pm 

Thursday, December 21 – Tuesday, January 2, 2018: CHRISTMAS BREAK











Trying Something New

High School is one of the few times in our lives that we are able to try a diverse range of clubs, sports, and fine art activities. Beaver Local has an incredible array of these activities and classes that allow its students the opportunity to find their niche and what makes them happy. This no doubt is what helps us as Beaver Local Students to achieve in all of the many ways that they do. Whether it be joining a sport or club, taking a class, or simply meeting new people never let the fear of something new stop you from trying it.

I have found so many of my favorite things because of school. My sophomore year I decided to join the swim team. This was my first time going so far out of my comfort zone and trying something incredibly new. This is still one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. It has grown into something I have a deep and unconditional love for. It makes me incredibly happy; however, it is very bittersweet. I wish that I would have tried swimming much sooner in my life, even to have been able to swim for one more year would have been incredible. If you ever, for even a moment, considering doing something completely new DO NOT HESITATE. Take a leap of faith and you may possibly find something you never knew you could love.

My second leap of faith is when I decided to try out for cheerleading. I went in with zero experience, knowledge, or idea of what I was getting myself into. All I was certain of was the fact that I wanted to try it. It seemed like it would be so much fun, and I wasn’t wrong! Cheering is another one of those things that I have grown to love. The entire energy of it is something incredible, it keeps my Fridays exciting, and honestly is one of the most fun parts of my senior year. Trying new things does pose certain challenges, it is such hard work. In both of these examples, I had no idea what it would take to catch up to the others who had been doing it since they were six. Hours spent working on form in a pool or staying up late to go over sidelines. The hard work pays off in the end though, and while I still have a lot of perfecting to do it has become a fun challenge.

So get out there, try something new, and don’t be afraid. It will always be worth it to try and even if you don’t end up finding a love for it you can leave knowing you never wasted an opportunity. Take advantage of all of the amazing offers that you have been given, waste no time, and take none of it for granted. Put in hard work and dedication to the things you love, making the most of the time we have been given. High School goes by in the blink of an eye, don’t waste it away getting caught up in the big picture and enjoy the amazing little things that happen every day.

Football Team Study Tables Emphasize the STUDENT in Student-Athlete

What’s it like being a student-athlete? What comes first, sports or school? Being an athlete isn’t just about excelling on the field and court. It’s about excelling in the classroom. For example, Luke Call has managed to maintain over a 4.0 in the classroom and dominate on the Football field.


We sat down with Luke and talked to him and he told us “Homework and studying always come first at his house before anything else”. But sometimes that’s not always an option for some of the kids out there. So what are some ways that you can get your homework done or get some studying in?


First, you should talk to your coach about it and see if there’s a way you could get some studying done before practice. Take the Football team, for instance, they’ve set up a system to where they lift, study and practice. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? But the system works on Monday’s and Wednesday’s they lift on Tuesdays and Thursday they study. Of course, they still practice on all of those days but they are still getting their work done. We went in and examined a “study table” which is what they call it and it’s all business no play. It is expected of them to have no grade lower than a C. If they have a C or lower or any missing assignment it is mandatory to be working on something. For those who have higher than a

We went in and examined a “study table” which is what they call it and it’s all business no play. It is expected of them to have no grade lower than a C. If they have a C or lower or any missing assignment it is mandatory to be working on something. For those who have higher than a C, they are allowed to watch film but most usually use the time to get their work done.

So what’s the reasoning behind it? It’s for them to be able to sit in a working environment and want to finish and study what they have to in order to succeed. The study table is the real deal and is taken seriously at all times and hopes to get the Football team mentality prepared to tackle any challenge thrown their way.

Art Appreciation takes on Bob Ross

Art appreciation is a class at Beaver Local High school that studies different artists such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many others. This week we took on the challenge of recreating one piece of artwork done by the amazing Bob Ross. Many students find this challenging since he is one of the best artists of our time. Our task was simple, choose one art piece that he made from his successful tv show and recreate it. Personally, I chose a piece called the “ Lazy River” that depicts a green forest with a beautiful river running through the middle. Other students have chosen sunsets, mountains, or even cabin scenes. There was a lot of excitement surrounding this project as we got to use canvases, which the majority of the class has never used before, paint along with the majestic Bob Ross, and create a beautiful painting for ourselves. We’re still finishing up our paintings, but here are a few creations that students have made so far.

If you’re thinking about taking this class then I would highly recommend it. It’s one of the highlights of my day and I’m so happy I decided to take it.  Almost as happy as Bob painting his happy little trees. Also, it’s taught by the wonderful Mrs. Congo who makes art fun. Thank you for reading!


Since the first day of school, students in grades K-12 have had the chance to discover one of these colorful rocks. At the back to school bash, before school started, students were able to design and color their own rock that would be hidden throughout the school. The rule is that once you find a rock, you have to re-hide it somewhere in the school so someone else can have fun looking for it. Many of the younger students jump for joy when finding a rock because they know it’s their turn to hide it. This rock project has been an exciting bonus here at Beaver Local and is enjoyed by kids of all ages. So keep your eyes peeled as you venture around the school; you might be the next one to find a Beaver Local rock!



Where? College Fair!

On Tuesday, September 26, Beaver Local seniors had the opportunity to attend a College Fair at Eastern Gateway Community College. The College Fair had more than 50 colleges with tables set up containing information about the colleges and a representative to answer any questions you may have had. I visited many tables, talked to tons of representatives, and got a million free pens. Despite all of that, I still do not know where I want to go to school.

Choosing a school to attend after high school is one of the most stressful things any high school senior will go through. Some have known from day one where they are going; others not so much. That is exactly why we have things like a College Fair! It is so we can get acquainted with schools we may have not heard or thought about before.

I visited around eight tables. I went to the Youngstown State, Kent State, Wright State, Urbana, Rio Grande, Franciscan U, Ohio Valley Technical Center, and the Art Institutes tables. These schools offered various programs and scholarships. Over the course of this year, I have been considering different ideas about a career. Lately, I have been considering a career in nursing. Almost all of the College tables I attended offered a nursing program, but OVCT was the cheapest being that it is a technical school. So, I decided that if I was to go into nursing, OVCT would be my first choice. What does this decision have to do with anything?

Well, the College Fair helped seniors in Beaver Local students (along with surrounding schools’ students) decide where the next part of their lives will happen. The information that the College Fair has provided for the students will be extremely important throughout these next few months as we apply to schools in preparation for the next chapter in our lives.

Appleseed Experience

Hello, Beaver readers and friends!
Abby here, and I am going to share my Johnny Appleseed experience with you. If you’re not familiar with the Johnny Appleseed queens and their duties, I’m going to give a brief summary of what we do.
To begin, I’d like to say up until a month ago, I had absolutely no idea what the Johnny Appleseed festival even was. Here is what I have learned and done within the past month.
So first, when you get past the interviews, crowning and informative dinners, you’re officially on the court. You have a full year that is considered your “rein”. Now, some things you will get while in rein include the free lunches, free breakfast, flowers, crowns, sashes, gift baskets, pins, parade rides, newspaper “photo shoots”, road trips, and you might even get on tv a few times. There’s much much more, but to be honest, there’s something even better. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but while you’re on the court the best thing you could get is the satisfaction of working with others, serving the community, and making a difference. For example, the court has decided that this year, we will visit hospitals and interact with the children, read to young kids in elementary school, attend serving food once a month at the Lisbon, Presbyterian Church, volunteer at donation stations, and more. We’d like to reach out and help the community in as many ways as possible. Getting involved with the children is our goal and our purpose. Meeting new people and making some little girls day is the best feeling. You will also make lifelong friends along the way and create a bond. I have already become so close with Sam and Becky, the other court members.
Johnny Appleseed has also opened many doors for me already. Because of this, I am honored to have the chance to meet YSU president, Mr, Jim Tressel next week. I’ve got to work on scholarship opportunities, and it’s helped me develop and improve important qualities within myself such as responsibility, honor, and trust.
All in all, I would love to see more girls involved with the Johnny Appleseed Court and would love to answer any further questions. I am thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what this year has in store.


Behind the Scenes of Show Choir

At our high school, we have a choir program known as the “Rhythm in Red” Show Choir, directed by Mrs. Alison Hamilton. Many don’t understand our purpose, or even know what it is that we do. I’ve decided to write this story in order to share some details about our small singing family.
During the times of Christmas and Spring, the show choir performs at the school choir concert and throughout the community. We hold many fundraisers and sales in order to pay for the expenses that come along with a traveling group.
The majority of our singing is done at nursing homes, club meetings, community organizations, and Robert Bycroft. We greatly enjoy spreading holiday cheer through singing and dancing.
Some of our fundraisers include pepperoni rolls, apple sales, and we also sell a variety of things at every home football game. This money aids our group immensely as it is used towards educational trips, bus fees to and from our performances, and hopefully new uniforms next school year.
As a senior, this is my fourth year in show choir. Being a part of this group has taught me many things. I’ve learned leadership skills, comfort in being myself, and I have gotten rid of my stage fright. From my perspective, show choir is one of the best extracurricular activities at Beaver Local. Not only do we learn characteristics of how to be better people, but we also learn love and acceptance.
Show choir feels like a small family to me, and I’m very happy that I decided to join the group. The smiles that we put on the faces of friends and strangers make our teacher, and our members, proud of our group.
On October 20, the high school choir will be singing the National Anthem at the home football game. On December 12, we will be holding our high school Christmas choir concert in the auditorium.

Soprano: Madison C, Grace C, Abigail M, Madeline S, Mikayla S, Jordan S
Alto: Courtney B, Izzy B, Alexis C, Katrina M, Lauren M, Olivia R, Corin T
Tenor: Jeremy B, Ashton B, Brady D, Tyler H, Alex M, Brandon M, Justus P,
Bass: Vince H, Hunter H, Austin M, Alec P, Corey S, Roc W

College Fair at Eastern Gateway Community College To Provide BLHS Seniors With Great Opportunites

For the past two weeks, the Guidance Department has recruited many BLHS Seniors to attend this year’s Jefferson County College Fair & Consider College Fest.  Not only did the students sign up for the trip to broaden their horizons on college options, or as a day to get out of school, Senior English teacher Mrs. Hendricks offered the trip as an assignment to earn extra credit. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that?

All in all, the benefits of this trips are endless.  Seniors will leave Beaver Local at 9am, which is when the fair begins at Eastern Gateway Community College, and travel to Steubenville to attend the college fest. Once they arrive, students can speak to representatives from over 75 colleges, universities, and trade schools from across the region. This will give BLHS Seniors a chance to be exposed to all of the higher education options that are out there, far from their first choice. Even if they are set on a certain school, this fair will provide them with a backup plan, which is nice to have if they aren’t accepted into their primary selected school. As an added bonus, students will be treated to lunch at the college too. The fair ends at 12pm and the students will return to school at the end of the final lunch period.

From extra credit to a day to discover all of the possibilities of higher education, to an excused absence from school,  to eat lunch on a college campus, what are you waiting for?  This event takes place on September 26 and there is still space available for students to go. Be sure to stop in the Guidance Office to reserve your spot!  Sign ups close this Friday, September 15.

Students Collect for Hurricane Harvey

Jillian O’Hara, Jeremy Balmenti, Alexa Schwerha, Chloe Halfhill are this year’s National Honor Society Officers

With turmoil raging across the devastated cities of Texas, affected by Hurricane Harvey, the students of Beaver Local High School’s chapters of Leo Club and National Honor Society are extending an invitation to the local community to open their hearts and support a collection of items to be sent to the ravaged areas. Beginning its reign as a tropical storm on the east of Lesser Antilles, the hazardous weather conditions induced a state of emergency as it developed into a tropical depression on August 23, advancing across Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Within 56 hours, Harvey had escalated into a category 4 hurricane that was being monitored to make landfall along the Gulf Coast of Texas on August 25th. Calculating winds of 130mph, Harvey interrupts the twelve-year buffer as the first major hurricane (category 3 or higher) to jeopardize the United States since Hurricane Wilma, who disrupted the southern sector of Florida in 2005. The prolonged stretch as Harvey traipsed his disastrous trek continued from August 26 to August 30th, therefore allowing catastrophic flooding to pour an everlasting flow of rain, writing it as the heaviest rainfall of any tropical cyclone in the United States dating back to 1955 with a 3.88 inch increase from 48 inches (recorded in Medina, Texas) to 51.88 inches (Highlands, Texas). Documented as the longest named, landfalling storm in Texas history, expanding a total time of one hundred and seventeen hours, the desolation and havoc being experienced in the southern United States is calamitous, and restoration of both physical and emotional necessities is dependent on the unity of every fellow American.

300,000 people without electric, 69 numbered casualties, 13,000 rescues, 30,000 dispatches, 700 businesses in ruin, 185,000 homes damaged, 9,000 homes demolished. As these statistics continue to rise, it is evident across the nation that action needs to be taken to provide a ray of hope in the lives of those victimized by the storm- and that is exactly what the students of Beaver Local High School intend to accomplish. Taking effect until September 18th, boxes will be placed in the main lobby, directly ahead of the front entrance, and Mrs. Ash’s classroom, in which those willing to donate hygiene and non-perishable food products can place their contribution. Recommended items are, but not limited to, blankets, pillows, bath towels, soap, shampoo, body wash, baby toys, socks, baby formula, diapers, cleaning supplies, and dog food. All of the donations collected at the school will be joined with a larger supply of necessities collected by Tiny Tots of Lisbon, Ohio, in which a truck will be driven to personally deliver the items to the designated towns. Active Leo Club member Kayley Black introduced the idea to the club as a way to unite the student body under a common cause, as well as issue a diligent approach to a national emergency. “I figured if the whole school got involved, then we might collect a good bit of stuff,” stated Black. In addition, Beaver Local’s National Honor Society expressed during the September meeting an interest in aiding those in Texas, as well. Both parties agreed to partake in the proposal as a team. “I loved the idea. It definitely gives us a chance to make an impact on the lives outside our community,” expressed National Honor Society President Jeremy Balmenti, “The goal of both Leo Club and National Honor Society is to give back to the community. We should look to team up with them again in the future”.

2017-2018 Members of The National Honors Society