Beaver Local Destination Imagination Dominates at Regionals

Beaver Local Destination Imagination Teams won honors at the Regional Tournament held at Leetonia Schools last Saturday.

The Beaver Local Elementary DI team holds their trophy high after qualifying for the state DI tournament.


Destination Imagination, Inc. is a global organization designed to teach students the creative process and help them gain the 21st-century skills needed to succeed in the future workforce. These skills include creative and critical thinking, collaborative problem solving and project management. Students choose project-based challenges that blend STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) with the arts and social entrepreneurship.

More than 150,000 students worldwide participate annually. Ohio typically has approximately 780 teams.


Beaver Local had four teams participate this year. Each of its three eligible teams won the right to compete at the State Tournament in Mount Vernon, OH  on April 8th, where they will join other State Finalists from the 11 Regions throughout Ohio. Winners from that competition will vie for the top honors at the Global Competition in Knoxville, TN at the end of May.


Members of both the Beaver Local High School teams can be seen in the Masquers Club production of Grease, this weekend at the High School Auditorium (Friday and Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 2PM).


The Junior/Senior Team pictured left to right back row: Traven Renner, David McCullough, and Alex Gabbert. Front Row: Kylie Kraus and Abigail Monte.

The Elementary Team (grades 1st-4th) back row: Brayden Hall, Cameron Anderson and Zane Elick; front row: Lora Reeder, Lillyan Wright and Allyson Wright.

The Freshman/Sophomore Team back row: Sadie Potts, Katrina Malcolm, Vince Hoppel. Front row: Sammi Voorhees (not pictured, Mario Chick).

Beaver’s Rising Star (non-competitive) team was made up of students grades K-2. From left to right these students are: Brenna Jones, Wyatt Wright, Paxton Gabbert, Gauge Wise, Wyatt Wise (not pictured, McKenzie Ash).


This press release was written by Leslie Gabbert.
Leslie is a retired BLHS English teacher, the Beaver Local Destination Imagination Advisor,
and the Ohio Destination Imagination Tournament Director.

The Power of Pride

There are substantial parallelisms between teaching, coaching, and personal training.  These three fields, which constitute nearly all of my time, seem to work as catalysts for one another.  The skills I use to be an effective teacher are the same ones I employ to be an effective coach.  Likewise, with personal training.

One of the principles I always preach to my students, athletes, and clients is the concept of pride.  Pride is a pretty diverse word.  It can be subjective in nature and our understanding of the word varies depending on our individual experiences.  For me, the word pride isn’t necessary a just a word, but more importantly a habitual way of life.

Pride is often times directly correlated with success.  In essence, this is where the habitual nature of the word tends to manifest itself.  Successful people are largely successful in a multitude of ways (e.g. professionally, socially, financially, etc.).  This success is predicated on their ability to generalize the word pride and apply it to everything that they do.  Pride isn’t an “on/off” switch.  Pride is something ever-present or always absent.

This simple word is so imperative.  If I could give one piece of advice to any individual looking to be successful, it would be to have pride and show it in everything they do.  This is a lifestyle change that needs coupled with constant reminders in order to become a habit.  I frequently remind myself to have pride in everything I do, even the most trivial of tasks.  I try to take pride in the way I dress at work.  I take pride in the way I eat and address my health.  I take pride in the way I teach, and try to do so to the best of my ability.  If I’m vacuuming my living room, you better believe I’m taking pride in that and making it the most pristine carpet you’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping your grotesque toes on!  If you’re able to have pride in everything that you do, you’ll ultimately find enormous amounts of success.

That’s the primary characteristic that separates our student populace from the rest of the Valley.  Our kids here at Beaver Local are prideful and conduct themselves accordingly.  The amount of school spirit we have is unparalleled.  The encouragement between athletic teams is unmatched.  Moreover, the pride we take in how we conduct ourselves within the community is enough to keep me coming to work every morning.  I am humbled and thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such great students.  The integrity and pride of our students are not only a testament to effective leadership but also indicative of the closeness of our Beaver Local family.

– Coach D

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Coach D shows pride in the hard work he puts into his heath, nutrition, and fitness


Coach D inspires male and female athletes to have pride in their strength

Señora Rhodes’ Classes Enjoy New Class Library

Written and Submitted by Beaver Local High School Teacher Señora Rhodes
This past fall Señora Rhodes applied for and received a grant to purchase a classroom library of picture books for Spanish I level.
Pictured are students participating in ‘breaking in’ the new books during a silent reading session with long-term substitute extraordinaire, Señora Sarah Ferguson (BL graduate!).
The ultimate goal is to have the students share these books and a bit of Spanish with 2 partner 2nd-grade classes:   Mrs. Welch & Mrs. Emery.  They also received funds for their own library, and their students will read to Señora Rhodes students from their new books, in pairs or in small groups.  Funding provided by The Turning Foundation of Youngstown.  We hope to conduct 2 reading sessions before the end of the school year.  Thanks to Elementary Principal Ashley Weber in particular, and the entire BL administration for all of their support and encouragement.