Meet Our Staff

Alexis C.
Hello! I’m Alexis C. I am currently a senior at Beaver Local. I am a cheerleader and have been since 7th grade. I enjoy things such as singing, my pets, and my family. Next fall I plan to further my education at a Kent State University campus with a major in marketing. Even though each year of high school seems to fly by, I am excited to show you all of the good times we’ll have here throughout the year. I am looking forward to completing my last year of high school, and representing our small community on our Beaver Blog!

Michael C.
My name’s Michael and I write for the Beaver Blog. I’m starting my senior year. I play football for the Beaver Local Beavers and play for the basketball team. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends.

Carly C.

Morgan C.
Hi there! My name is Morgan. I am a senior at Beaver Local. I enjoy drawing and plan to pursue a career in the arts. I write quite a lot in my free time, so that should come in handy! I plan on moving South after High School. Despite that, I will always remember my foundation here at Beaver Local.

Nichole E.
Hello, my name is Nichole and this year I am a senior at Beaver Local. I am a member of the color guard for my third year in a row. I love to travel and experience new things. I recently went to Peru and frequently go to Florida. I love seeing a different energy and the lifestyles in the world. I’m excited to start my senior year because I know that it is only the beginning of me getting to see the entire world. 

Josh L.
My name is Josh Littleton I am 17 years old and I attend beaver local high school. I have swum for 4 years and currently have 2 school records. One of the records are in the 100-yard backstroke and the 2nd record is the 200 medley relay which is a race with 4 swimmers. My hobbies are working on cars I have a 1972 chevy nova and a 2012 Chevy Camaro. And I also like to fish especially in salt water shark fishing is my favorite the biggest shark I ever caught was a 7.5 food hammerhead shark.

Bryce M.
Hi, I’m Bryce, I think that either the Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings, or the Vegas Golden Knights could win the Stanley Cup for the 2017-18 season. I have been a YouTuber since December 1, 2011, & I’m thinking about becoming a photographer. Also big congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins for being the first team in nearly 20yrs to win back 2 back Stanley Cups. I am a supporter of Operation Lifesaver here in the US. and I do think that becoming a photographer is not a bad idea.

Abigail M.

Dalton M.
Hello, my name is Dalton. I am in the marching band, I love to go for walks in the woods with friends, I can play the piano, and I can also sing. I am a self-taught dancer and I am a very good writer. When I write, I put my full effort into it. I am a Freshman at Beaver Local and I would like to improve my writing skills even more. 

Jillian O.
Hi, my name is Jillian. I am a senior at Beaver Local high school and I will be contributing some of my writing to the Beaver Blog. I play volleyball and run track here at Beaver Local. Some of my articles will be about how our volleyball season is going, along with some current events happening around our school. I’m looking forward to sharing my stories with our readers!

Kalin R.

Alexa S.
Hello, my name is Alexa and I am looking forward to highlighting the accomplishments of our community to reflect positively on the activities and events occurring in the everyday lives of the students at Beaver Local High School! An aspiring journalist, I have had on-the-field experience in the daily responsibilities of a reporter, and am very excited to shine a light on the diverse and talented community the students of Beaver Local unite to be. Whether it’s running with the cross country team, scoring goals with the soccer team, diving with the swim team, singing with the choir, or traveling with the various clubs offered, I’m excited to learn the inside outs of what it is that makes Beaver Local the positive and successful environment it continues to prove to be.

Jazmin S.
Hi, my name is Jazmin. I have 4 siblings, I have three brothers and one sister. I only live with my two youngest siblings. I teach bible study every Tuesday night between October and late April. My hobbies include styling hair, interacting with kids, writing and reading. I am only a sophomore and I have not been very interactive with school activities, but I am planning on being a lot more involved this year. I am planning to be a cosmetologist and to be my master’s degree in teaching.

Todd S.
My name is Todd. I am a junior. Throughout the years I’ve done many things such as wrestling, soccer, and bowling for sports. Although I help out the community since I am a member of Leo Club. I’ve also helped in coaching beaver youth soccer. Other than that I am a staff member of the beaver blog!

Andrea T.
Hello! My name is Andrea and I am a senior at Beaver Local High School. I want to pursue Music Education in college and want to share my passion for it with others. In my spare time, I love to write, which is why I am contributing to the Beaver Blog this year.  I am very creative, especially when I find the right source of inspiration to light my flame. For me, all it takes is an idea, simple or complex, to spark my oversized imagination that will lead to something spectacular.

Jared W.
Hi, my name is Jared and this year I’m a senior at Beaver Local High School. I’m really active in my student body and love my school. I cheer and swim, as well as run cross country and track. I’m into photography and being with my friends. I’m optimistic and excited for this year. I can’t wait to get started with The Beaver Blog. 

Alex W.

Carter W.
My name is Carter, and I’m a sophomore. I enjoy playing baseball and I play school, summer and fall baseball. My favorite hobbies are playing baseball, listening to music and creating music. I also like to fish, bike, swim, and hang out with my friends. I am a fan of hip hop/rap music, and I listen to various artists. My favorite music artist would have to be Russ because I think he has a good voice and spreads his story to the top and lessons throughout his music.

Tanner Y.