Mrs. Hendricks

Mrs. Hendricks is a wife, mother and teacher. She is married to Jeff and has two sons, Mitch and Bryce. She grew up in the big city of Elkton. She attended Elkton Elementary, then went to Beaver Local middle school and high school. Mrs. Hendricks was a varsity cheerleader for four years and was involved in the school paper. Mrs. Hendricks is an English teacher at Beaver Local Highschool, and has been for 19 years now. Mrs. Hendricks enjoys golfing, traveling, boating on the family boat, reading, biking, hiking and cooking. Mrs. Hendricks has been to Italy, Germany, Poland, France, and Austria.
Mrs. Hendricks went into education because she wanted to be that teacher who was passionate about something, and she wanted to inspire a student to do something; and encourage students to believe in their dreams. She has always taught grades 9-12. Mrs. Hendricks states, “If every student just has that one teacher, high school will be better for them.”
As a student, we often get frustrated with Beaver Local and wonder why a teacher would ever come back here after they graduated. Mrs. Hendricks said that she didn’t think she was ever coming back, but she was teaching part time at another school. Her mother worked at Beaver Local and made her put in a resume, which resulted in her getting hired. Mrs. Hendricks said that coming back to Beaver Local was a hard adjustment because there were still teachers here from when she was a student. I asked Mrs. Hendricks if she would go back and change coming here if she could, she answered, “This might sound corny and cliche but it feels like home here because I’m from here and know a lot of people still.”
Mrs. Hendricks claims that the technology is definitely the biggest change from when she attended Beaver Local. Things haven’t changed much in the district, but they have in the education, especially the requirements. Mrs. Hendricks states, “It is always changing which is good to benefit the students.” Mrs. Hendricks is constantly changing her teaching ways to keep up with the new technology to make it a better environment for her students to learn. The use of technology has helped her in researching different lesson ideas. It has helped students with writing essays, and makes it easier to access information to help them. For the last 22 years, she has witnessed testing changes 4 times: ninth grade proficiency, OGT, PARCC and AIR testing.  She is always adapting to the changes. Mrs. Hendricks states, “If you don’t change, it makes you stale and ineffective.”
A lot of students love Mrs. Hendricks because of her personality, and she can relate very well to all of us. She is very helpful and understanding. Mrs. Hendricks cares about everyone of her students individually. I, personally, have been inspired by Mrs. Hendricks in many ways, such as, to always be the bigger person, and always give your best effort. I hope Mrs. Hendricks always stays with Beaver Local, because everyone deserves the chance to have her.

The Beaver Local Girls’ Basketball Team

The Beaver Local girls basketball team this year has been a season full of achievements, improvement, hard work and success. Last year their girls record at the end of the season was 12-12 and they did not make it through the first round of sectionals. But, so far this year the girls have a record of 13-5, which is a winning season and much improved from last year. The girls have two more regular season games. The girls were fourth in the OVAC and played first seed Parkersburg south and lost. They also played for first place in the Buckeye Tournament, sadly they did not return home with a win. They fought hard in overtime and worked very hard and proved a lot of people wrong.

Captain and three letterman, Madison Roberts said, “2 years ago people said that we’d be lucky to 1 game but now we are in a winning season and made it to the Buckeye 8 finals, 4th in OVAC, and at one point were eighth in the state of Ohio.” Coach Stephanie Coie, Coach Elizabeth Connor, Bill Croxall and Kim Gourley are part of the success that strives the girls to be so successful. Senior night was played against United Local High School, and the girls so proudly came out with a win. Roberts said, “the key to our success is the hard work, coaches, goals and that we all our best friends and treat each other like family.” This season the girls have proven all of their doubters wrong and made history that has not been made in a long time for the beaver local girls basketball program. The girls later this season will enter the first round of sectionals. Roberts said, “I think we have a really good chance at the first round, I believe that we will come out with a win and be sectional champs, which hasn’t happened in a long time.” The three captains of the team are Madison Roberts, Emily Beck and Lexi Merriman. The amount of effort, dedication and leadership they put in fuels the team’s success. Along with their success on the court, most people on the team academic success is just as good or even better. Being a student athlete is not easy but these girls are very focused and have bright futures ahead of them.

Beaver Local’s Mathematician

Beaver Local’s Mathematician

Mr. David W. Andres is one of the most loved teachers in Beaver Local. Mr. Andres has been a Math teacher for 24 years. He believes that the purpose of learning math is so that you can use it in your everyday life. From jumping out of airplanes to photography to woodworking, Dave finds a way to bring mathematics to life in these activities.

When Dave is not building beds or photographing weddings, he is jumping out of airplanes. I asked, “So when was the first time you went skydiving?” Dave answered, “I was 38 years old the first time I went. My instructor told me that I will either love it or hate it. And that’s when I fell in love with it.” After he told me that, I had to ask him how he was feeling as he was jumping out of that plane. He told me that he was pretty nervous the first time he went. After the first time he went he said that it was amazing and that he didn’t want to let go of the wing of the plane.

Mr. Andres also took an interest in photography. He started photography in 7th grade. Dave knew that photography was related to math so that’s why he liked taking pictures so much. After talking to him about taking pictures, he told me that he has his own business where he photographs weddings. I asked him if he was still in the business and he told me that he took this past year off but he is going to start the business back up in the upcoming summer.

If you’re ever looking for Dave and he’s not at the school, he’s probably in his woodshop. I asked Dave “Why do you like woodworking so much?” He answered “ It’s one of my favorite hobbies. When I’m not at school, I’m usually in my woodshop making new things.” He showed me pictures of his woodshop and it was filled with tools. When I asked him how many he had, he said that he owns over 500 tools in his shop. He said all of his tools probably cost him over 20 thousand dollars.

With all the activities Dave does in his life, math has always been the focal point. Teaching math for 24 years has not been enough for him. He wants to show everyone that you can use math in all sorts of ways. Dave said that math is his life. Whether it’s skydiving, photography, or woodworking, he said that it all leads back to what he loves the most, math.

Beaver Local Equestrians

According to Bella Sweigard and Kiley Cook, students from Beaver Local High School, equestrians are people who “love and work with horses”. They also say you need to “be calm, patient, knowledge of how to ride, and have confidence” before hand. You also need to acquire, “balance, confidence, and strength.” The horse is an elegant creature, and with their rider they should have a partnership. With that partnership, both the horse and rider should learn as much as they can from each other. Yes, there is hard work involved, but it can be enjoyable and pass time. As you and your horse are progressing you need to learn and master all the gaits. That way, your horse and you can be confident. The four main gaits, or paces, are walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Different horses have different gaits in between this gaits. With these gaits you can do sports like dressage, vaulting, polo, horseball, polocrosse, hunting, show jumping and race riding. As you’re practicing, you need to be prepared for the take off!

Now, there are different types of equipment for the horse and the rider. Depending on what sport you do, both the rider and the horse needs different equipment. For example, if your horse has as an overreach you need to get overreach boots or bell boots. If your horse has some behavior issue, you might need corrective equipment. For the rider, each sport has different equipment for the riders safety. The helmet is probably the most important, because if the horse does something unpredictable, and you fall, your head will be safe. Whips and spurs are used as a reinforcement when the horse is not responding to you. They can also be there just for looks or because it is traditional. However, there is different tack equipment. There is a saddle, girth, cinches, surcingles, breastplate, cruppers, stirrups, bits, and bridles. Each one plays a different part. You need to make sure the bit is
comfortable for the horse.


In Beaver Local we have sports like soccer, football, volleyball, and many other things. Bella Sweigard and Kiley Cook, freshmen at Beaver Local, if horseback riding is a sport. They said “ Yes, horseback riding is a sport, but sadly, not many people think of it as a sport.” They also think that is should be a sport here at Beaver Local, because other big schools have this option. Not a lot of people think of horseback riding as a sport. Many people think this because they think that the horse does all of the work. What they fail to realize is, that there is more work that the human does than the horse. In fact, most people think it is easy! Bella and Kiley say “No, it’s not easy.” and “Those people don’t know what they are talking about!” Yes, the horse has to listen to the rider, but the rider is responsible for the horse’s actions. Training takes days, maybe weeks at a time. Training or practicing is involved with every sport. Just like you have to be in good health and good physical shape. Horseback Riding involves these things according to Kiley Cook. In other sports, you have to have some sort of protective gear. That way, no one gets hurt, serious injuries, or potentially killed. When training a horse, it can get pretty dangerous very quickly. The horse is an unpredictable creature. Something could go wrong in an instant, just like any other sport. Despite not have an equine sport at Beaver Local, it might put those students who have a passion in their after school activities in a sport.

Interviewed: Bella Sweigard & Kiley Cook
Bibliography: Complete Book Of Horses And Riding By: Judith Draper, Debby Sly, & Sarah Muir

Sophomores Attend CCCTC

On January 24th and 25th, the Beaver Local sophomores attended the Columbiana County Career & Technical Center. They got to tour and interact with the students and staff, learning about all of the wonderful options provided at the Career Center. The sophomores got to experience the different career-based-classes they offer, such as Cosmetology, Welding, and Culinary programs, while also getting to eat lunch with the senior students who attend CCCTC.

These Sophomores listen to Mr. Williams in the cafeteria, anxiously waiting to view their next session.


The Career Center offers many opportunities for students to get a head start on their careers and graduate with not only a high school diploma, but also credentials in Auto-Collision Repair, Welding, Construction, Healthcare, and plenty more. In addition to getting a head start, you also get to meet new people from the other nine high schools that send students to the Career Center. These schools include: Beaver Local, Lisbon, East Palestine, Columbiana, Southern Local, Wellsville, Crestview, Leetonia, and United Local.

The wrestlers pose with their coach. Pictured from the left (Garrett Morris, Andrew Solansky, Mr. Williams, Jared Wright, and Beau Smith)


Mr. Williams, the principal at the Career Center, and our head coach of the Wrestling program is posing with his wrestlers, giving everyone the positive message of, “Choices.” Mr Williams states, “CHOICES, was set up to remind our wrestlers that they control their future and determine their success with the choices they make.” He gives out his message to not only his wrestlers, but all of the students at Beaver Local and the CCCTC. Mr. Williams used to be Beaver Locals Assistant Principal, but now holds the Principal position at the Columbiana County Career Center. Even though he does not work for the school anymore, he still gives the students here at Beaver Local encouragement and positive messages.

Kobi Ream is smiling as he is lifted up at the Health Care Lab.


The Sophomores had a great time spending the day at the Career Center, one of the favorites was the Culinary lab. Addison Guildoo said “Getting to ice a cookie, was the highlight of my day.” Also, Elaina Howell stated, “Getting to watch them cook food was really exciting!” Another favorite from the Sophomores was the Cosmetology lab. Madison Newlun said, “Receiving a hand massage was so relaxing.” Lastly, Kobi Ream said, “I enjoyed it because they actually treat you like an adult there, and you’re still having fun!” The Career Center really seems to understand that students who learn in a hands-on atmosphere are students who are ready for their future.

The Sophomores take a break and eat lunch with the Seniors. Pictured from left (Chase Valentine(Senior), Kyra Lee Mccune, Hannah Virden, Kassandra Rogers, Emma Palmer, Madison Rice, and Liz Uram(Senior))


If you want to attend the Career Center, you must be a Junior or Senior. In addition, you must be meeting the graduation requirements at your high school. You get the option to attend the Career Center either a half day, or a full day. Or of course, not go at all. Make sure you’re fulfilling all the requirements if you plan to start your career and attend the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center. If you are unsure of the requirements, visit our high school guidance office in the freshman pod!


Technology-Based Schooling

It’s been a year and a half since Beaver Local started teaching out of it’s new facility, and with that time, Beaver Local School District has made a successful transition into a more technology driven paperless school.  Each student, whether it is kept at the school or taken home, has their own iPad that is issued by the administration. Not only does the administration provide students with iPads, but they also supply the teachers with them, along with Macbooks to help assist with daily lessons. Classrooms are also equipped with 80 inch televisions and Apple TVs.

Every day, students use their iPads to access notes and assignments their teachers send out. Students can access these resources through two main programs: Blackboard and Google Classroom. With these “internet classrooms” or classroom management systems existing, students can easily contact their teachers and work on assignments when they are absent so they do not fall behind in their studies. These programs also help mimic the management systems used in colleges and universities around the world to help prepare Beaver Local students for their futures. The iPads are not just used for boring, old assignments, but also for fun activities to help students understand content that they are going over in class. Some activities that the iPads are used for are webquests, where the teacher assigns some sort of stimulation for students to work through and making fun videos that go over content that is being learned to share with their class. Students can complete all the traditional paper and pencil based tasks on their iPads but now have the potential for so much more at their fingertips.

Even though students have mixed feelings about the iPads, they will admit to some of the things that they like about them. Alexis Sell, a freshman, likes that the iPads hold more storage than her phone, giving her more room to work on her school assignments and allowing her to take it on the go. Sophomore Hannah Virden commented, “I like that we have full access to all of our assignments in one handy spot. I feel like it keeps me organized and more on task.” Agreeing with her, Bella Sweigard, another freshman, added that she likes that she can keep up with her grades daily.

While the iPads may be useful in many ways, there are some problems that can occur. One problem would be if a student does not have a form of internet connection at home. Those students would then have no way of accessing their assignments, therefore, they would not have a way to submit them. Another problem is students not using their iPads for educational purposes. At any moment during the school day, students can be seen switching off of their assignments and onto things like video games and social media. This means, teachers have to stay diligent while managing their classes to make sure students are really on task. So, yes, while the iPads may be helpful in many different ways, there are still a few things that need to be straightened around.

Señora Rhodes’ Classes Enjoy New Class Library

Written and Submitted by Beaver Local High School Teacher Señora Rhodes
This past fall Señora Rhodes applied for and received a grant to purchase a classroom library of picture books for Spanish I level.
Pictured are students participating in ‘breaking in’ the new books during a silent reading session with long-term substitute extraordinaire, Señora Sarah Ferguson (BL graduate!).
The ultimate goal is to have the students share these books and a bit of Spanish with 2 partner 2nd-grade classes:   Mrs. Welch & Mrs. Emery.  They also received funds for their own library, and their students will read to Señora Rhodes students from their new books, in pairs or in small groups.  Funding provided by The Turning Foundation of Youngstown.  We hope to conduct 2 reading sessions before the end of the school year.  Thanks to Elementary Principal Ashley Weber in particular, and the entire BL administration for all of their support and encouragement.

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