Graduation Requirements

Seniors make sure you have these requirements in order to graduate!!

4 English credits
4 Math credits
3 science credits (including 1 life science and 1 physical science)
½ Health credit
½ Physical Education
1 Fine Arts credit
½ Personal Finance credit
4 ½ additional Elective credits
In order to graduate with honors, you must have 7 out of the 8 of these requirements!
4 English units
4 Math units, including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 or the equivalent and another higher level course or a four-year sequence of courses that contain equivalent content
4 Science units, including physics and chemistry
4 Social studies units
3 Foreign Language units (must include no less than 2 units for which credit is sought)
1 Fine Arts unit
At least a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale
27 ACT/ 1210 SAT score (excluding scores from the writing sections)
½ Physical Education unit
½ Health unit
½ American History unit
½ Government unit
For the 2016 graduating class and on, you have to take the Air test your sophomore year. You take English, math and science. Your junior year you have to take a government one. In order to graduate, you have to get at least 18 points on the tests combined. If you get a 1 on the test, you have to retake it. If you get a 2 on the test, it is your choice to retake it or not. If you get a 3-5 on the test, you don’t have to retake it.