Preparing For The Concert

Beaver Locals high school and middle school bands are preparing for their concerts. The high school band and the 8th grade will be performing on Monday, May 15th. The middle school band is performing on Tuesday, May 11th. Each band will be playing a number of different pieces of music. It takes work on both the instructor and the students playing the instruments. The high school band has been working on ten different pieces of music. The names of the pieces are the Highlights of Harry Potter, Declaration Overture, Remembering Yesterdays, Tomorrows Yesterdays, Highlights from Star Wars The Force Awakens, Starry Heavens, Whale Warriors, Blue Ridge Real, Sun Dance, and Spaina. Some of these pieces are three pages long, and a lot of them are two pages.

The 8th grade band is also performing on the same date as the high school. The rest of the middle school, fifth through seventh, is performing on a different day. They also have a number of different pieces they are working on. This will be the fifth grades first time performing. Mr. Newman, the high school and middle school band instructor, will help each band perform at their best. Beaver Local has great students who make great things happen. Each band will perform a fantastic show. Hope you can come!

LEO Club Mentoring Program

Leo stands for leadership, experience, opportunity. Leo club is a good way to get community service. There are multiple different programs in this club. At Beaver Local, they have Buddy Beaver Mentoring, and Precious Moments with Seniors. There are many more programs, but Mr. Barnes prefers some people to have a part in a certain program. However, in the elementary section of Beaver Local, they held a book fair for the kindergarteners. These books came from the book dues the Leo’s owed. Each Leo is required to bring at least two books in the beginning of the year.

In the Buddy Beaver Mentoring program you are like a big brother or sister to a kindergartner. “They always look forward to seeing you everyday,” said Bella Sweigard and Kiley Cook, both active members of the Leo Club. According to all the Leo’s that joined the bunt beaver program, it is fun and the kids always want you to come back to visit. Of course, a lot of the Leo’s are involved in other things, such as sports, so they can’t always come more than once a week. You stay after school from 2:30-3:30 and help the student or students. Sometimes you will help the teacher out with other tasks.

When you go to Precious Moments with seniors, you play board games, bingo, and do multiple different activities. Sometimes the seniors will color some pictures, and the Leo Club members will hang them up in the kindergarten section. “The seniors are always happy to see us again,” said Mr. Barnes the leader of the Leo’s. When the Leo’s go, they are socializing with the seniors and some seniors want to do different activities. It all depends on what the seniors want to do. The time for this program is from 1:00-3:00.

Each program is for a good cause. Each Leo who goes gets community service for the time being spent with the kindergartners, and seniors.The Leo’s are always doing good things for the community and to help others. Leo Club is a club in Beaver Local where anyone can join any time. All you have to do is go into the main office and look for a paper on the racks. Then stay after on Tuesday, or anytime that is good for you, and give Mr. Barnes the paper. Then you can start!

Rising Hope Raises Funds

Rising Hope Equine Center is hosting a fundraiser with The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company. Orders are due with payment by February 23 and will be delivered March 13. 


Rising Hope therapeutic center is in West Point Ohio, at Hoppel’s Arena with programs each June through July. Each session is different for everyone. Occasionally, Rising Hope does different fundraisers to help bring in money to facilitate activities for participants. Some of their fundraisers are Pittsburgh Popcorn sale, Hoppel Rodeo, and Princess Ball. Rising hope is currently doing their Pittsburgh Popcorn sale. Orders are due with payment by Februrary 23 and the popcorn will be delivered March 13. To order, contact Andrea Jarrett (email listed at the bottom of this page) or any other Rising Hope board member.  Hoppel Rodeo is from June 30th to July 1st. The Princess Ball is May 20th is at Beaver Local, and it is open to the community. Most of the money they make for these fundraisers goes toward Rising Hope Therapeutic Riding Center.

Rising Hope is a disability therapy center to help people with their disabilities.Patty Hoppel, equine specialist, and Andrea Jarrett, director at Rising Hope, noticed that there were not a lot of activities for their multi-handicap students for after school or during the summer. So, they wanted to give something to the families for their children to do something special while still working on learning goals and therapy goals. Many parents were interested, and the program blossomed. The parents loved the idea, and the children loved spending theme with the horses. Beaver Local students have been to get involved with Rising Hope as volunteers and participants. Even Beaver Local graduate and NFL player Derek Wolfe has been involved with Rising Hope Equine Center.

Mrs. Andrea Jarrett, who is a multiple disabilities teacher at Beaver Local, is also the director of Rising Hope. Some of the board members of Rising Hope are Patty Hoppel and Karen Sprouse, BL bus driver and cafeteria worker, Connie Smith, BL speech therapist, and Sue Stromp, BL ID teacher at, and Member of Outlaws with Attitude 4H club.


If you are interested in contributing to Rising Hope to help individuals with disabilities, please contact Andrea Jarret at


To order, contact

Beaver Local Equestrians

According to Bella Sweigard and Kiley Cook, students from Beaver Local High School, equestrians are people who “love and work with horses”. They also say you need to “be calm, patient, knowledge of how to ride, and have confidence” before hand. You also need to acquire, “balance, confidence, and strength.” The horse is an elegant creature, and with their rider they should have a partnership. With that partnership, both the horse and rider should learn as much as they can from each other. Yes, there is hard work involved, but it can be enjoyable and pass time. As you and your horse are progressing you need to learn and master all the gaits. That way, your horse and you can be confident. The four main gaits, or paces, are walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Different horses have different gaits in between this gaits. With these gaits you can do sports like dressage, vaulting, polo, horseball, polocrosse, hunting, show jumping and race riding. As you’re practicing, you need to be prepared for the take off!

Now, there are different types of equipment for the horse and the rider. Depending on what sport you do, both the rider and the horse needs different equipment. For example, if your horse has as an overreach you need to get overreach boots or bell boots. If your horse has some behavior issue, you might need corrective equipment. For the rider, each sport has different equipment for the riders safety. The helmet is probably the most important, because if the horse does something unpredictable, and you fall, your head will be safe. Whips and spurs are used as a reinforcement when the horse is not responding to you. They can also be there just for looks or because it is traditional. However, there is different tack equipment. There is a saddle, girth, cinches, surcingles, breastplate, cruppers, stirrups, bits, and bridles. Each one plays a different part. You need to make sure the bit is
comfortable for the horse.


In Beaver Local we have sports like soccer, football, volleyball, and many other things. Bella Sweigard and Kiley Cook, freshmen at Beaver Local, if horseback riding is a sport. They said “ Yes, horseback riding is a sport, but sadly, not many people think of it as a sport.” They also think that is should be a sport here at Beaver Local, because other big schools have this option. Not a lot of people think of horseback riding as a sport. Many people think this because they think that the horse does all of the work. What they fail to realize is, that there is more work that the human does than the horse. In fact, most people think it is easy! Bella and Kiley say “No, it’s not easy.” and “Those people don’t know what they are talking about!” Yes, the horse has to listen to the rider, but the rider is responsible for the horse’s actions. Training takes days, maybe weeks at a time. Training or practicing is involved with every sport. Just like you have to be in good health and good physical shape. Horseback Riding involves these things according to Kiley Cook. In other sports, you have to have some sort of protective gear. That way, no one gets hurt, serious injuries, or potentially killed. When training a horse, it can get pretty dangerous very quickly. The horse is an unpredictable creature. Something could go wrong in an instant, just like any other sport. Despite not have an equine sport at Beaver Local, it might put those students who have a passion in their after school activities in a sport.

Interviewed: Bella Sweigard & Kiley Cook
Bibliography: Complete Book Of Horses And Riding By: Judith Draper, Debby Sly, & Sarah Muir