Preparing For The Concert

Beaver Locals high school and middle school bands are preparing for their concerts. The high school band and the 8th grade will be performing on Monday, May 15th. The middle school band is performing on Tuesday, May 11th. Each band will be playing a number of different pieces of music. It takes work on both the instructor and the students playing the instruments. The high school band has been working on ten different pieces of music. The names of the pieces are the Highlights of Harry Potter, Declaration Overture, Remembering Yesterdays, Tomorrows Yesterdays, Highlights from Star Wars The Force Awakens, Starry Heavens, Whale Warriors, Blue Ridge Real, Sun Dance, and Spaina. Some of these pieces are three pages long, and a lot of them are two pages.

The 8th grade band is also performing on the same date as the high school. The rest of the middle school, fifth through seventh, is performing on a different day. They also have a number of different pieces they are working on. This will be the fifth grades first time performing. Mr. Newman, the high school and middle school band instructor, will help each band perform at their best. Beaver Local has great students who make great things happen. Each band will perform a fantastic show. Hope you can come!