Señora Rhodes’ Classes Enjoy New Class Library

Written and Submitted by Beaver Local High School Teacher Señora Rhodes
This past fall Señora Rhodes applied for and received a grant to purchase a classroom library of picture books for Spanish I level.
Pictured are students participating in ‘breaking in’ the new books during a silent reading session with long-term substitute extraordinaire, Señora Sarah Ferguson (BL graduate!).
The ultimate goal is to have the students share these books and a bit of Spanish with 2 partner 2nd-grade classes:   Mrs. Welch & Mrs. Emery.  They also received funds for their own library, and their students will read to Señora Rhodes students from their new books, in pairs or in small groups.  Funding provided by The Turning Foundation of Youngstown.  We hope to conduct 2 reading sessions before the end of the school year.  Thanks to Elementary Principal Ashley Weber in particular, and the entire BL administration for all of their support and encouragement.