Beaver Local Hosts County Honors Band and Choir Performance

Pictured above are the Beaver Local Band and Choir

Thirty-five Beaver Local students will represent the school as the county band and choir comes to Beaver Local on Saturday, March 25. Fifteen Beaver Local band members made the cut to complete the 69 total members of the honors band. Our school has the most kids from any one school in the county representing the Beaver Local band and choir. Students from across the county spent their day at Beaver Local on Friday practicing their music. The actual performance is Saturday, March 25 at 2:00 at Beaver Local High School.

County Honors Band and Choir is a collaborative group of students from all across Columbiana County. They audition by performing a select piece of music in front of band directors and choir conductors for a seat. One of the main reasons our school is hosting this prestigious event is our brand new facilities. People from all across the county will come to see the Honors Band perform. This would not be possible without the guidance of Band Director Matt Newman and Choir Director Allison Hamilton.
Mr. Newman has done amazing work organizing and working to bring the county band to Beaver Local and show the county what Beaver Local has to offer. He has been Beaver Local’s Band director for a total of fifteen years, helping not only to fully represent Beaver Local’s pride in our school but also running the band as a respected program. He hopes to continue building Beaver Local’s band program to maintain the good our band is doing for our school and our community.

Mrs. Hamilton is known for her stunning choir performances and musicals. Her hard work and dedication is shown best by the wide array of students who participate in her program. She pulls out talent from all students who step into her classroom and onto her stage. Hosting the county choir concert gives Beaver Local a chance to show off the amazing music programs Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Newman have built in our district.

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to participate in the county band and choir performances:

Hanna Fishback
Kendra Jackson
Kylie Kraus
Alex Gabbert
Roc Worth
Madeleine Schreffler
Ashlee Phares
Andrea Trotter
Konnor McCoy
Mikalya Shulas
Jeremy Balmenti
Traven Renner
Brandon Morgan
Alexis Cain
Lexi Merriman
Alec Post
Damien Emmert
Zak Pappas
Brady Duncan
Preston Crawford
Morgan Haddox
Kameron Griggs
Destiny Kay
Dean McPeek
Katrina Malcolm
Mike Guappone
Max McEndree
Hannah Braslawsce
Harley Smith
Grant Hall
Logan Kronstain
Hunter Moore
Jakub Tanner
Emma Palmer
David McCullough
Be sure to stop out to Beaver Local High School at 2:00 on Saturday, March 25 for the County Band and Choir Concert. It is sure to be an impressive show!

Rory Bryer

Rory Bryer, the man who had baseball on his mind and a bat in his hand. He started his baseball career young, watching the game, playing the game, learning its ins and outs. He started when he was 8 years old, learning from his coaches wisdom and teachings of the game. He was a literal prodigy, tee ball wasn’t even close to the realm of his ability. Rory Townsend Bryer, made his way up the ladder of baseball by testing his ability to play. Rory’s favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox, his favorite player is “Big Pappi “ who also played for the Boston Red Sox. What drives Rory Bryer to still play you ask? Rory uses his intuition and the drive the bring home a win, not only for himself but for his team. When Rory was in the 8th grade he won himself a home run derby and he’s been virtually unstoppable since.

Rory is a team player, he has been since he starts baseball his freshman year. He appreciates his teammates most when he is out on the field, but who does Rory look to when he needs the most help? Rory looks to faith and religion. His mother has supported him since he began baseball, driving him to his games, practices, dinners, Meet the team, banquets everything he has had to be at his parents have taken him there and he couldn’t appreciate it more them being there. He’s grateful for all he has in life. Rory’s favorite teammate is one that is also in his class of 2017, his name is Trey Trucksis. Rory has a great appreciation for his coach, Mr. Agnew, he made true leaps to get Rory to play to his best of ability. He caught Rory at his worst and at his best moments. He pushed Rory to be the best he could and Rory has taken that advice and used it for the best.

Rory’s main goal for his senior year is to play to the best of his ability and really show what he is capable of. He has already started his workouts and conditioning himself for this year’s Beaver Local Baseball team season. Rory’s plan for after high school are to attended Kent state university to get bachelor’s in business and keep his dream for baseball fueled but not lost.