Gun Control in the United States- Share your opinion!

There are several sides to the gun control debate, one being “Anti-Gun Control”, and the other for “Pro-Gun Control”. In many situations, people tend to say Gun laws need to be more strict, especially in regards to automatic assault weapons. After a recent study in 2016, approximately 44% of American households own a gun. This number has rapidly increased from 31% just several years ago. However, major gun advocates believe that gun laws are too strict, and must be reduced. Which would allow concealed carry for those who qualify. These mixed opinions spark many problems with security and question whether people’s rights are being violated.

Those who are for gun control reform want laws to be more strict and not allow open carry in public. One of the biggest issues with open carry is the impact that it may have with younger children and those who are not comfortable around firearms. Background checks help keep firearms out of the hands of people with criminal records and previous issues. These supporters also believe that increased training should be done for those who have weapons on the job, such as officers and security agents.
The opposing side, who are against gun control, believes they should be able to protect themselves in the case of something horrific. Not only can something happen in public, but people are also concerned about self-defense in their own homes. In the case of an intruder, people should not have to wait for responders to defend their own lives; this is one of the biggest arguments for anti-gun control.

With the help of teachers at Beaver Local High School, we are conducting a poll to decide what people in our community really think about this topic of gun control. In most circumstances, it is tough to take a position on the issue because of the many situations people can be in while going through their normal day lives.

Tell us, what do you think about gun control.