Hardest working women at Beaver Local: Juanita Barber

Juanita Barber has been a janitor at Beaver Local for the last thirty-three years. Juanita said that she could’ve retired three years ago but she decided to stay and work because she loves her job.

When asked why she became a custodian, she said, “I chose this job because it was convenient and it pays well for me while I was working on putting three children through Geneva college and that this day job provides time for me to spend time with my grandchildren.” Juanita said that she enjoys her job so much because of being around the children. She said that even the bad behavior ones still make her job better.

Juanita also said that this is her dream job. Her daily duties include cleaning, delivering mail and packages, helping the teachers along with many other things. She said that her job is enjoyable because of the people she works around with, she said, “the teachers are very nice and easily to get along with.” Juanita said that she would not change her job and she is happy with working as Beaver Locals hardest working woman. Mr.Lower said, “she is always willing to go above and beyond to help with anything here at the school. In my time here, Juanita has helped me prepare for many events and helped me get some things accomplished in a short period of time working under pressure. Her efforts are greatly appreciated!”

The Beaver Local Girls’ Basketball Team

The Beaver Local girls basketball team this year has been a season full of achievements, improvement, hard work and success. Last year their girls record at the end of the season was 12-12 and they did not make it through the first round of sectionals. But, so far this year the girls have a record of 13-5, which is a winning season and much improved from last year. The girls have two more regular season games. The girls were fourth in the OVAC and played first seed Parkersburg south and lost. They also played for first place in the Buckeye Tournament, sadly they did not return home with a win. They fought hard in overtime and worked very hard and proved a lot of people wrong.

Captain and three letterman, Madison Roberts said, “2 years ago people said that we’d be lucky to 1 game but now we are in a winning season and made it to the Buckeye 8 finals, 4th in OVAC, and at one point were eighth in the state of Ohio.” Coach Stephanie Coie, Coach Elizabeth Connor, Bill Croxall and Kim Gourley are part of the success that strives the girls to be so successful. Senior night was played against United Local High School, and the girls so proudly came out with a win. Roberts said, “the key to our success is the hard work, coaches, goals and that we all our best friends and treat each other like family.” This season the girls have proven all of their doubters wrong and made history that has not been made in a long time for the beaver local girls basketball program. The girls later this season will enter the first round of sectionals. Roberts said, “I think we have a really good chance at the first round, I believe that we will come out with a win and be sectional champs, which hasn’t happened in a long time.” The three captains of the team are Madison Roberts, Emily Beck and Lexi Merriman. The amount of effort, dedication and leadership they put in fuels the team’s success. Along with their success on the court, most people on the team academic success is just as good or even better. Being a student athlete is not easy but these girls are very focused and have bright futures ahead of them.