Prom 2k17

As the end of the school year approaches, so do many great events at Beaver Local. Among the many great events at our school, Prom is definitely at the top of the list. With the change last year of hosting prom right at the school, we are now moving back to the Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown this year. I met with Mrs. Speece, teacher and junior class advisor, to not only talk about this change but also on her hopes for prom this year.

With changing the location of prom yet again, many people are wondering why we made the move back to Youngstown. Speece said, “Going back to Youngstown is actually a little bit more pricey than having it at the school, but we are doing it for the students. We did compromise for the cost with small changes like taking school buses instead of charters. But our main goal is to make prom feel as special as we possibly can. We want to make a big difference between prom and the other dances.”. As excited as she is for prom, she also has mixed emotions. “As much as I loved the turnout and having prom at the school, having it away from the building is much less stressful not dealing with scheduling conflicts”.
With the theme for prom this year being “The Golden Age of Hollywood”, there is much to be excited about. The luxurious, romantic feeling they are going for should make for a very special night. “Buying a ticket to prom this year is like buying a ticket to the golden age” said Speece. Speece also managed to get a very impressive Dj for this year that everyone should be eager to see. The music and atmosphere aren’t the only things to be looking forward to this year. The menu this year has three delicious choices to suit anyone’s taste buds. You have your choice of steak, chicken teriyaki, or vegetarian pasta. Speece thinks this year will definitely be another huge turnout, as prom is by far Beaver Locals’ biggest event.
Prom this year should be an exciting and memorable event, as it always is, so you definitely don’t want to miss out. It will be on Friday, May 12th. If you are planning on bringing someone from another school, make sure you stop by the main office to get a permission form! Tickets are on sale until the 17th in Mrs. Speece’s room, so don’t forget to stop by!



Optimistic About the Season

Mr. Flint grew up attending school at Beaver Local. He was an athlete himself, playing baseball, basketball, and football. After graduating at Beaver Local, Flint went to college at Youngstown State University, then landed a teaching job back at his alma mater. Along with his job as an intervention specialist, he is also the varsity assistant baseball coach. When I sat down to ask Flint about the upcoming season, his answers were quite optimistic.
With the loss of six seniors, one being the big lefty pitcher Dominic Muscari, the Beavers’ baseball team will be fairly new and young this year. “Dominic was definitely a big loss on the mound, but that just leaves room for kids to step up and take charge,” said Flint. “Chase Wilcox and Shane Salyers will have to step up and fill the starting pitcher positions.” Mr. Flint believes that having the team as young as they are this year will not only be an experiment but will also be used as motivation and drive for a successful year.
To have the great year the team is hoping for, the Beavers will have to overcome their weaknesses from last year. I asked Flint what must be improved from last year and he replied, “Timely hitting and errors were really the big things that killed us on the field last year. If we can get those straightened out, we should have a solid year.” Knowing that, the team has taken an early start preparing for the season. Alongside with any offseason work the players have been doing on their own, there has been lifting sessions at the complex and player can attend. The beavers have also began having batting practice, as well as getting some fundamental work in.
Coming off of a 13-10 record last year, Mr. Flint and the beavers hope for another solid year again this season. Although the team is very young, the team is still expecting to compete with anyone they are matched up against. Having nearly the same schedule as last year, the Beavers know how to prepare for the upcoming season.