Honey Bee Student Project

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-Honey Bee Beauty and Style

Student Spotlight

Jayma Sullivan

At the Beaver blog we love to praise the students! For this student spotlight, I’ve chosen one of the top students in the class of 2018. She has over a 4.0 GPA, and is ranked in the top 5 of the 12th grade class.

Name: Jayma Sullivan
Grade: 12
Favorite subject: Science ( biology)
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Flowers
Favorite High School memory: Receiving summi decem each year since 8th grade
Favorite movie: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Favorite Food: spaghetti
Favorite color: yellow
Drink: Iced tea
Favorite Artist: Harry Styles
Favorite album : “Harry Styles”by Harry Styles
Favorite song: Meet me in the hallway by Harry Styles
After High School: Go to college (undecided) and major in marine biology or education.


Summi Decem Q&A

With there being around 13 to 12 days left of school, the business at Beaver Local has only just begun. This week, however, is a very special one to some students. On Thursday, the 18th, selected students in grades 7-12 will be attending the 54th annual Summi Decem awards that recognize them for their academic success throughout the year. To help those who don’t know what Summi Decem is or consists of, I’ve put together a sort of Q&A to explain some key points.

What is Summi Decem and what does it mean?

Summi Decem derives from the language of Latin and the phrase “Summi Decem” means “top ten,” therefore, the Summi Decem awards ceremony spotlights the top ten students in each graduating class, starting in the seventh grade. While the phrase may mean “top ten,” depending on the number of students that make the cut, there may be more or less than ten students per class.

How does one obtain the award?

Throughout the course of the year, students who, in the case of grades 7-8, maintain straight A’s for the year are most likely to qualify, and it is based on the grades of the first three nine weeks of the school year. In the high school level, though, students have to hold a GPA (grade point average) of a 3.9 or higher to qualify. While it may be based on first semester grades, it is cumulative, meaning that it can be based on the grades of the first semester plus grades of the second semester of the previous school year.

What does one receive at the awards ceremony?

Students in grade 7-10 receive a simple red and white certificate signed by their principle and the Beaver Local Education Association representative for that year. Students in grades 11-12, on the other hand, are presented with a placard, congratulating them on their achievement. Those who have been a full six-year member, however, have a red plate on their placard compared to the black plate of the rest of their graduating class.

Last year’s Seniors at the 2015-2016 Summi Decem Awards


How important is it to get Summi Decem each year?

While it may be rewarding to be recognized for all the hard work you put in to achieve this award, don’t fret if you don’t get it another year or ever again. You’ll be surprised at how many colleges and employers who actually do not know what Summi Decem is, therefore you won’t be getting any scholarships for it anytime soon.

As a student who is now a three-year member, I can say that it is very rewarding to be recognized and awarded for the hard work and dedication it takes to maintain such a high GPA. Looking back and remembering about the fits I threw because I didn’t want to go to my sister’s Summi Decem awards (as she was a six year member), because I thought it was pointless, but now I can say that it is actually worth going to as you get to watch your fellow classmates with smiles on their faces while they receive their award, knowing that somehow you all made it through the year with the GPA’s that you did.
Congratulations to all the 2016-2017 Summi Decem members! Here’s to a great end of the year and hopefully another Summi Decem to come next year.

Summi Decem award holders of the 2020 graduating class at the 2015-2016 ceremony

Beaver Local Destination Imagination Dominates at Regionals

Beaver Local Destination Imagination Teams won honors at the Regional Tournament held at Leetonia Schools last Saturday.

The Beaver Local Elementary DI team holds their trophy high after qualifying for the state DI tournament.


Destination Imagination, Inc. is a global organization designed to teach students the creative process and help them gain the 21st-century skills needed to succeed in the future workforce. These skills include creative and critical thinking, collaborative problem solving and project management. Students choose project-based challenges that blend STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) with the arts and social entrepreneurship.

More than 150,000 students worldwide participate annually. Ohio typically has approximately 780 teams.


Beaver Local had four teams participate this year. Each of its three eligible teams won the right to compete at the State Tournament in Mount Vernon, OH  on April 8th, where they will join other State Finalists from the 11 Regions throughout Ohio. Winners from that competition will vie for the top honors at the Global Competition in Knoxville, TN at the end of May.


Members of both the Beaver Local High School teams can be seen in the Masquers Club production of Grease, this weekend at the High School Auditorium (Friday and Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 2PM).


The Junior/Senior Team pictured left to right back row: Traven Renner, David McCullough, and Alex Gabbert. Front Row: Kylie Kraus and Abigail Monte.

The Elementary Team (grades 1st-4th) back row: Brayden Hall, Cameron Anderson and Zane Elick; front row: Lora Reeder, Lillyan Wright and Allyson Wright.

The Freshman/Sophomore Team back row: Sadie Potts, Katrina Malcolm, Vince Hoppel. Front row: Sammi Voorhees (not pictured, Mario Chick).

Beaver’s Rising Star (non-competitive) team was made up of students grades K-2. From left to right these students are: Brenna Jones, Wyatt Wright, Paxton Gabbert, Gauge Wise, Wyatt Wise (not pictured, McKenzie Ash).


This press release was written by Leslie Gabbert.
Leslie is a retired BLHS English teacher, the Beaver Local Destination Imagination Advisor,
and the Ohio Destination Imagination Tournament Director.

BL’s Underground Rapper

      Starting with only 2 followers on soundcloud, Beaver Locals underground rapper, Zach Boni made a song called Tom Brady. Tom Brady was an instant hit. The 2 followers soon turned into over 100 followers, and the song got over 6,000 views. Not stopping there, Zach continues to make hit after hit.     

   Zach Boni is a senior at Beaver Local. He started his rap career in the summer of 2015. At 16 years old, Zach made his first song called Flowers. For that being his first song, people enjoyed the young rapper. Zach wasn’t very proud of this track, and he took some time off to cook up the most popular song he made, Tom Brady. When Zach dropped Tom Brady last year, the people went crazy. Everyone was tweeting about it from all different schools. He said it wasn’t just going to be a good song, it was going to be a masterpiece.

  Because Zach didn’t release a song for a while after Tom Brady came out, people may have thought that Zach was a one hit wonder. They didn’t know that he was secretly making a whole mixtape. While in the process of making the mixtape, he would drop some songs to keep the fans happy. The first song he dropped after Tom Brady was called No Dayz Off. Once people heard his followup song, they knew that Zach was for real.

   Once Zach got a good fanbase, he knew it was time to drop the mixtape. He called the mixtape Pyromaniac, because he said all the songs are fire. When I asked how he felt about it, he said that there shouldn’t be a song that you don’t like, all the songs are bangers. With all the hits on the mixtape, there was still more to come.

   When I asked Zach why he started rapping, he told me that he wanted to get girls. He said that the girls like when he raps, but he didn’t know that girls really like a guy who can sing. Once he found that out, he showed off his vocals his recent release called Wasted. Wasted was the second most popular song that Zach made, with just over 1,000 views and counting. When asking him about this, he said, “Every rapper needs to flex his pipes.”

While not releasing anything since October, Zach has been cooking up many tracks. He has got to the point where he wants all of his tracks to be perfect, and perfection takes time. After asking him when he was going to drop his next song, he said soon, very soon, just wait, it will be worth it. If you’re anxiously awaiting Zach’s next track, you can catch a little snippet of his work by checking out The Beaver Blog’s new theme song which is written and produced by Zach.


December’s Leo of the Month

Leo Member of the Month, Brandon Morgan

At the most recent Leo Club meeting (held February 2), freshman Brandon Morgan was named Leo of the Month for the month of December. Brandon is the type of guy to help you whenever you need it, so it’s no surprise that he enjoys helping out in his community. Out of the many projects that Leo Club has going on, Brandon is taking part in three of them: Buddy Beaver Mentoring, Precious Moments with Seniors, and the newest project, a free book fair for kindergarten students. The project that he has participated the most in, though, would be the Beaver Buddy Mentoring program.

The Beaver Buddy Mentoring program is where a Leo who has signed up to be a mentor gets their own kindergartener, or little buddy, to hang out with every Tuesday after school. When asked if he liked being a mentor for a kindergarten student, Brandon responded, “I absolutely love being a mentor for a kindergartener. Every time I walk into the kindergarten pod I get a smile on my face because I always hear the little kids having fun.” He also says that it feels good in his heart knowing that he’s helping a kindergartener out and potentially helping them make good choices. In fact, Brandon likes helping his kindergartener Alaina, who is in Mrs. Young’s class, out so much that he has started helping the rest of the class out as well.

After he graduates, Brandon wants to go to school and become a math teacher, but his work in the community will not cease as he plans on helping out as much as he can. When asked if he thinks being in Leo Club will help him in the future, he answered yes because “it’s helping me with my social skills as a person. The Leo Club is showing me to be myself and to never be afraid to do anything.” But it’s not just Leo Club teaching him these things. Brandon is also a proud member of the Beaver Local High School Rhythm in Red Show Choir and Concert Choir, both directed by Mrs. Alison Hamilton, and the chorus for the school’s 2017 production of “Grease,” also directed by Mrs. Hamilton alongside Mrs. Leslie Gabbert.

At the end of the day, Brandon is a hardworking young man who aspires to inspire others. Not only that, but he makes anyone he comes in contact with smile and laugh. With that being said, it seems very fitting to quote Mr. Barnes, Leo Club advisor, and say that Brandon is deserving of the title Leo of the Month.