The new year has started and so has the musical practices. This year, Beaver Local is taking on the longest running Broadway show, the mother of all musicals, the one and only, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. Casting is complete and the amount of talent is unbelievable. With over 30 students cut, this 60 person production will be one for the books. You will be seeing some familiar faces such as Christine Daae the shy yet talented argenue who will be played by Madeleine Schreffler with Andrea Trotter as the understudy. (Previously known as Sandy and Jan from last years production of Grease) The Phantom will be played by the talented Jeremy Balmenti who will be debuting his deep astounding vocal abilities. Raoul will also bring a new face, Roc Worth, who will play the love-stricken man who fights for Christine’s love till the end. Carlotta, the dramatic, loud, operatic prima donna will be played by Abigail Monte who was previously known as Cha Cha from last years Grease and her funny clumsy yet talented love, Piangi, will be played by Grant Hall or previously known as Johnny Cassino From Grease. These are just a few of the talented parts of the production. Alexa Schwerha, our student director, is Hamilton and Gabbert’s right hand and will be working around the clock to make sure that the Phantoms mic is on, down to the last candle has been lit. Details are the key in this production and every member must put in 100% to make sure the production is perfect. The dates of this show are Friday, March 16th at 7pm, Saturday the 17th at 7pm, and Sunday the 18th at 2pm. pre-sale tickets will go on sale before we know it. We hope to see you there!

Top Three Tips For Surviving Winter

As the winter season comes into full swing, many people struggle to cope with the frigid temperatures, snow, and ice. There are also many new drivers in Beaver Local, who will experience driving in the Winter for the first time this year. So, in order to help those who struggle, here are my top three tips for surviving winter.

1. Bundle Up
I know bubble coats might not be the most attractive piece in the world, but it will insulate your body and retain heat better, keeping you warmer longer. So, take a fashion sacrifice and wear the big, chunky coat. Also, do not forget about hats, gloves, scarves, and socks! These accessories tend to be forgotten by many, but they are some of the most crucial. Keeping your body warm by putting a protective layer between you and the elements is extremely important to reduce cold and sickness.

2. Drive Slowly
Waking up early is one of the most dreaded part of any student’s life. Getting up before dawn is one of the last things anyone wants to do, but, as the nights get longer, it becomes inevitable. There are many students that sleep through their alarms and find themselves scrambling to make it to school on time, speeding down the road. This is one of the worst things you can do in the winter. In the winter, snow and ice are a staple. They can be pretty, but not when they cause your car to spin into a ditch. Many people get into serious accidents during the season due to speeding. So, to help lower this risk, allow yourself more time to drive to school. Wake up ten minutes earlier. And, if you are running late, do not speed. It is better to be late and alive then speed and not be. Teachers and administrators will be understanding about your tardy.

3. Get a hobby
With worsening weather and shorter days, many of us find ourselves in a slump. It is almost like our lives get put on hold until spring. One way to help lessen your boredom is to pick up a hobby. Hobbies can include a plethora of things, not just boring old stamp collecting. Drawing, sewing, cooking, reading, yodeling, anything. The possibilities are endless(especially now that you have all the time in the world since your parents don’t want you out in the bad weather) and are waiting to be discovered! So, try something other than just sitting on your phone and complaining how bored you are and how much you hate winter.

Samsung’s “The Wall” 146 inch tv (CES 2018)

Las Vegas- One thing that I’m wondering is, that a 70″ big but a 146″ one is a totally different ballpark. This was unveiled at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. And it’s has a micro LED screen (so no backlight). And I could make this up, but it’s real. And it’s modular (so you can customize it). And I’m predicting that the price might be between $10,000-$750,000. And we’ll know more about it in March. What’s next a 200 inch 8K UHD tv?

History Lesson

On Wednesday, I heard one of the best lectures I have ever heard. Mr. Michael Solterbeck, a retired Beaver Local history teacher, gave his lecture on the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I made sure to get a seat in the front so I could tune out the world around me and just listen to what he had to say. And, I must say, it was absolutely captivating.
Mr. Solterbeck started off by telling some puns while waiting for the audience to fill, which showed that we were already in for a treat. Once that was done, he fired up his 1970’s style slide projector and got started. I, being a history buff and an avid conspiracy reader/theorist, was enthralled by how much time this man had spent learning everything there is to know about the assassination. I thought I knew a majority of what happened on that fateful day in November, but, that is far from the truth.
Sadly, Mr. Solterbeck ran out of time before he was able to get deep into the theories of the president’s death. He has been studying the assassination since he was a junior in high school, nearly 44 years ago. He has had the pleasure of meeting some of the people who were directly involved with the case and even visited Dealey Plaza. He has recently begun to speak more about the assassination, spreading his decades worth of knowledge and passion throughout the community.



As a bonus, here are some of my favorite facts I learned about the assassination:
– the “magic bullet” had no damage but went through two bodies and through bone
– Kennedy’s bullet hole was “moved” in records
– Lee Harvey Oswald had two other aliases
– There was a report of a puff of smoke from the grassy knoll
– The Zapruder documents Kennedy’s last moments and death
– Kennedy’s brain is missing


The Beaver local boys basketball team will host southern local this Saturday. Last years game was a down to the wire game with the results of a Beaver local win and a crushing defeat so a repeat of a good game coming this Saturday to a Beaver dome near you will be a high energized game hope to see you there.


The beaver local boys will travel to buckeye local this Friday in hopes of another crushing win against the buckeye boys team. The last time the two teams met up everything went right for the beavers as they blew them out 91-53 and are looking to do the same thing this Friday.


The boys basketball team was supposed to have a home opener against the East Liverpool potters this Tuesday but due to weather the game was canceled and will be moved to a later date. The boys team 4-6 are looking to tack on another win this week against the potters who beat them last time at the potters field house. The beavers managed to knock them off last year at home so this years returning players are looking to do the same.

Teens Find Style for Less

Welcome back, Beavers! In today’s society, teenagers are expressing themselves through fashion more than ever. With outgoing trends and fabrics, us teens use pieces of clothing to show off our very own style and personality; however, the price tags are continuously rising.

In high school, sporting events and club involvement take up a lot of our time. With the little free time that we have outside of our classes and hobbies, many of us have a part-time job. Considering that the minimum wage in Ohio is $8.15, the few hours that we are able to work do not reward us with the money it takes to be a stylish teen ― or so we thought.

Most students here at Beaver Local travel approximately forty-five minutes to get to the nearest shopping center. In this town, there are many stores that students may not consider when thinking of places to shop. I decided to write this post to inform students about the places where they can get the most amazing fashion trends while staying within a budget that doesn’t break the bank.

First, my personal favorite, is TJ Maxx. This store has a wide variety of clothing, purses, shoes, and homegoods, with many name-brand items marked down to unbelievable prices! Some of the best deals that I have found at TJ Maxx are: Michael Kors tennis shoes (originally $110.00, purchased for $50.00), a Kate Spade purse (originally $315.00, purchased for $130.00), a Calvin Klein bookbag (originally $211.00, purchased on clearance for $32.00), and high-quality blouses for as low as $5.00.

Second, another great store is Marshalls, affiliated with TJ Maxx. Although I have yet to shop here myself, I know of many people who have found jaw-dropping deals here, similar to TJ Maxx.

Showing teens that they can get the most trendy fashion for a fraction of the original cost can hopefully give them the opportunity to save up their money while still buying affordable clothes to express themselves as they desire. I believe that every young adult should be able to feel confident about themselves, and saving money while keeping up with popular fashion is a good way to do that.

Six Great Gifts

1.) Crocs
Frequently seen as an ugly fashion don’t, these soon to be trendy shoes will definitely be a great addition to anyone’s closet. They are highly comfortable and easy to wear these shoes will add an effect to any look, are great for on the go, and if you wear them with fuzzy socks I promise you will not be a mistake. Retailing for $11.22 these shoes come in a variety of colors and are easy to snatch on any budget.

2.) Gucci Slides
Coming in at a much heavier price than the previously mentioned Crocs these slides are a CLOUT booster. Many people may see this as a “waste of money” and ” not worth it” but if you have Gucci Slides and get to walk out of your house in them you will feel like a straight G. Retailing for $ 210 these have a heavy price but they are not just an investment but a lifestyle enhancer. Great for anyone of any age buy someone you love and yourself a pair of Gucci SLides.

3.) Cat Back-Pack
DO YOU HAVE A CAT! If not then maybe consider getting one? Let me tell you this traveling cat case would certainly make any cat lover happy. You frequently wish to take that furry friend with you and now you can. You and that special furry friend will be able to travel the entire world together now and nothing can hold you back. You will not regret buying this cute and life-enhancing Cat Case for the low retail price of $52.99. Guaranteed to make any fur parent happy.

4.) A Dinosaur Onesie
Comfy, cozy, and super easy to wear these hecka kawaii desu pajamas are not a mistake. The soft pink color will help to keep your pastel dreams a reality. Being able to leave your home feeling the comfort of a cloud this soft and calm onesie will keep you smiling no matter what year or time of day it is. This paired with black or white vans is always a good idea for any going out look. Great for sleepovers, pj days, or causal grocery shopping this is a great purchase for any friend or loved ones. Retailing at $28.99 it may be slightly above what you are looking to spend, but as a frequent onesie shopper, I promise you this price can’t be beaten.

5.) A Tricera Top Taco Holder
As a foodie and late night entertainer, I am always searching for a cute and fun way to entertain the kiddos. Well, this is the answer for any party host or dino lover. Giving those oh so fun treats a little more spice, every pun implied and turning it into a fun thing for children to look at. Making it easy to entertain guest of all age dynamics this gift is perfect for a housewarming party, birthdays, or just because you care. Retailing for $12.95 this is a STEAL!

6.) 8 boxes of Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls
Now I know what you are thinking, WHY? Well, these are amazing that’s why they taste and look great. You are going to want eight boxes because you should take these everywhere. A car trip, bag lunch, or late night snack are always great options and my most preferred. Sweet and delicious you should buy these for everyone. No one and I mean no one should ever not wish for this yummy treat.

5 fun activities


1.) Go Ice Skating
There is not a better way to risk bodily harm to yourself and others than to go glide on some frozen water. It doesn’t matter if it’s under the big tree in Pittsburgh, the Ice Zone in Boardman, or your neighbor’s pond. Living your true Yuri Pilitsey dream is always a good time and falling on your face surrounded by loved ones it a GREAT time.

2.) Have. A Christmas Movie Marathon (or a regular movie marathon if you don’t celebrate Christmas. We don’t judge)

Start by getting all your blankets and pillows out and PILE them up. Completely make it so it’s like a soft room of Sherpa and fluff. Then pick out 5-6 movies for all of you and your friends to watch. Also, do NOT forget snacks, they are critical to making this a good time. Buy the most greases, cheese filled, deep fried, GMO filled food you can. Eat to your heart’s content and laugh the night away in your PJs with your friends.

3.) Make some yummy cookies!

Now I get that baking takes time and energy that we don’t have. That’s why I say buy some of the pre-made, slap them on a cookie tray and call it a night. I honestly like this method because it’s low work and makes life so easy. After all, you wanna spend the time talking with your friends not doing prep work for cookies.

4.) See a Light Show

Take all of your friends and put on some COMFY clothing. Pile up in the car and head out to a Christmas light show. They are all over and it’s a great friend road trip to go on. Drive like an hour away and after grabbing a bite to eat. It’s a great and fun activity for any group


I know we all get mad at the snow but we should really value it more. Some people don’t have access to the frozen wonderlands that we do. Make snowmen and angels, go sled riding and make the most of it. Tap into your childhood youth and have a great time walking in a winter wonderland.