Ten more minutes..

Most people today have a cell phone that they always have with them. Phones as well as technology have became popular in todays society. Each year new/better technology is created and released to the public. People are willing to spend a lot for their electronic devices. Most people get on their phone everywhere they go, during whatever they are doing. However, behind the wheel is unacceptable.

From the time we were in middle school and through high school we have been shown videos of the horrible effects of texting while driving. Most teens believe it is just a scare tactic to prevent them from being on their phone. They believe the horrific accidents won’t happen to them. The kids who think they are unbreakable, “that it won’t happen to them” will realize the importance of staying off your phone while driving until it is to late.

Imagine driving down the road, the radio is jamming your favorite song that makes you feel the happiest person in that moment. Your phone goes off and you feel the need to pick up your phone and text your friend back, you sent a text that could have waited ten more minutes. However, you won’t make it that 10 extra minutes, your mom won’t see you pull up into the driveway, she never thought it would be her last time saying the she loves you earlier that day. While you were sending that unimportant text back, you swerved into the other lane colliding into another vehicle. That vehicle had a family of four inside the car, you destroyed their lives, they will never be the same. Two little girls lost their parents because of you, your parents lost you, all because of a unimportant text message that could have waited ten more minutes. Your parents will get a phone call or maybe a state trooper will drive to your house and tell them personally. Your mother will fall to her knees while your father stands in shock. Their baby is gone forever. Two young girls will grow up without their parents and will be raised in foster care because of you. You should have waited only ten more minutes to reply.

Imagine you survived the accident but the parents still passed away. You will have to live with the guilt of tearing apart a young, beautiful and happy family. You will realize the hurt you have caused two young children. Two murders will be placed on your shoulders, people will be ashamed of you. Your parents will be blessed to still have you in their lives but will be highly disappointed in you. Imagine laying down every night and having the accident replay in your mind. You will constantly ask yourself why you didn’t wait ten more minutes to answer a simple text, a text that took away two amazing people.

Now imagine waiting that ten extra minutes to reply. Your mom got to see you pull up into the driveway and greet you at the door. She gets to ask you, her baby, how your day went and how hers went. You can reply to your friend and make plans to hangout with them, instead of them planning to go to your funeral.  Your parents want be hurt or disappointed, they will be happy to spend another day with you. A family gets to enjoy their day, they made it to the park to spend family time together. Two young girls get to grow up with both their parents in a happy family and will soon have another sibling. You waited ten more minutes, saved yourself and a beautiful family.

Stay off your phone while behind the wheel, it can wait.

2018 Beaver Local NHS

What is NHS: NHS stands for National Honor Society. NHS looks good on your applications to college, and it also helps you get grants and scholarships to help pay for college so you can be debt free!

How do you get into NHS: in order to get into NHS you have to be an excellent student. You have to carry and 3.5 GPA or higher. They also looks for leadership, excellence, and your accomplishments in high school. They also look for how much you help the community ( community service ). It is not easy getting into NHS but it’s a great accomplishment.

These are the following members of the 2018 NHS

Maggie Maharick
Drew Theiss
Sydney Voorhees
Alex Ward

Michael Agnew
Braydon Bowyer
Hannah Braslawsce
Hannah Call
Angelina D’Itri
Alexia Harding
Vince Hoppel
Madison Kendall
Katrina Malcolm
Emily Monte
Madison Ours
Leah Pancake
Madeleine Schreffler
Beau Smith
Hannah Virden

Congratulations on the great accomplishment!

2018 Baseball Season

The 2018 baseball season is finally here! The varsity plays their first game away at Toronto this Saturday, March 24 @ 12pm. This season they boys finally get to play on the home field here at the school. The first home game is Monday, March 26 vs Indian Creek at 5pm. Everyone go support the boys! Go Beavers! 

2017-2018 Beaver Local Wrestling

The Beavers have had an amazing wrestling season! They finish with 4 state qualifiers and 3 state placers. The qualifiers include Jared Wright, Beau Smith(4th 145), Skylar Lasure(4th 132) and Cole Mccomas(2nd 113). The season consisted of 14 sectional placers and 11 district qualifiers. The Beavers also collected a Conference Championship and a Sectional championship. The Beavers also broke their OVAC point scoring record with 240 points. They collected dual wins over Louisville, Austintown Fitch, Oak Glen, East Liverpool. This is near cemented the 2017-2018 Beaver Local Beavers wrestling team as the best in school history. 

Beavers Send Four to State

This past weekend the Beaver Local wrestling team competed in the Division 2 District tournament. The tournament took place on Friday and Saturday at Claymont high school. Where the top 4 placers and each weight class would advance to the state tournament. The Beavers had eleven wrestlers qualify for the district tournament. Those were seniors Noah Smith, Chad Mays, and Zach Thomas. Juniors Jared Wright and Beau Smith. Sophomores Cole McComas, Skylar Lasure, and Daniel Wirth. Freshman Logan Krulik, Devon Salsberry, and Sam Lowe. The tournament resulted in many victories along with many tears. Only 4 wrestlers were able to make it out. While others had many hard lost battles. Of those 4 wrestlers were Beau Smith, Jared Wright, Cole McComas, and Skyler Lasure.

Beau Smith placed 4th to punch his ticket to state. This will be Beau’s third consecutive trip to the state tournament.

Jared Wright will be making his first trip to the state tournament after placing 4th. He had an incredible weekend with many upsets that got him there.

Skyler Lasure took second place and will be returning to the state tournament for his second trip after placing 7th last year.

Cole McComas got 1st place making him a 2x district champion. And he will also be making his second trip to state after receiving the 2nd place in last years state tournament.

The state tournament will take place this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. At the Schottenstein Center on the Ohio State campus in Columbus, Ohio. With the Division 2 first round beginning on Thursday at approximately 4 pm.


Helpful studying tips


 For some Beaver Local students studying may be hard for them or seem nearly impossible to do. Students make excuses to avoid studying, which often leads to a test grade that is not the best. This post will hopefully give you some studying tips or ideas and better your test scores.


1. Don’t study for hours straight

When studying you should not spend more than an hour at a time. You should study for 30 minutes at a time. Trying to fill your brain with information will be too much at once, this will only overwhelm you. To memorize everything you should study 30-40 minutes each night before your test. If you study the night before, you should study for 20 minutes take a break, get a drink or a snack and then go back to studying.

2. Use flashcards!

Flash cards are a great and easy way to remember your content. You can study by yourself or you can have someone study with you. All you have to do is write the question on one side and the answer on the other. Read the question and then try to answer the question. You can take your cards anywhere with you and study. Do the flashcards over and over, you will soon remember them.

3. Don’t wait until the last minute

Don’t wait until the night before your test to study. You can try to cram all your content in the night before but you will stress yourself out and not remember it all. You need to give yourself at least 2 days to help yourself memorize your content.

4. Study where you are comfortable

Your surroundings are really important when it comes to studying. Some students need a quiet place to study, while others can study anywhere. If you need quiet time try going to the library or staying after school if you’re allowed.  Some students need to feel professional and study at a desk. Others like to be in their Pjs, in bed while they are comfortable.  It is a good idea to figure out what surroundings suit you best while studying.

Bowling Season has Come to an End

The 2017-2018 girls and boys bowling season has come to an end. The boys team finished with a 7-2 season. The girls finished with a 2-7 season. Congrats to everyone who bowled a great season!

The boys were very close to advancing after sectionals. Sophomore, Alex Burgess, placed 3rd at sectionals with a 648 series and advanced onto districts as an individual. At districts, he was only 21 pins of short of advancing onto states! At sectionals the girls placed 16th.

I had the pleasure of being on the bowling team this year. It was my first year bowling and it was very fun. I would highly recommend bowling to anyone who wants to be apart of a team or wants to do a sport. The people and coaches are very friendly and it is a fun after school activity to be apart of. With the help from the coaches and fellow student bowlers, I improved a lot. Overall, it was a great experience and anyone who might be interested in bowling should definitely become apart of the team. Also, good luck to my fellow senior classmates: Cameron Lane, Ryan Zywiec, Caitlin Lerussi, Morgan Talbott, Harley Smith, Taylor Doolin, and Jayma Sullivan as we graduate this year.


Relaxing tips

There’s a lot of people that have problems relaxing because school has a tight grip on them. Some kids work long nights studying for tests or work due the next day. Hopefully, this blog will help you relax and take a breather from the stressful life of school.

Working nonstop is bad so if you’re caught up in working a simple snack or walk to the restroom will do the trick. After this, you can start thinking straight and get right back to work. For relaxing after you’re done with your work you can listen to music or watch a movie or tv show of your choice. For a longer period of resting, you can do yoga or meditate. Yoga might not be the best for you, that’s ok. Yoga could help you relax and since you’re using more energy you could possibly sleep better for a better day at school.

Going along with meditation, breathing exercises work really well. It clears the mind and lets everything flow out. Breathing in for five and exhaling for five. Counting exercises also work counting from one to one hundred could clear your mind in no time at all.

First 3-peat in 35 years?

Last year the Pittsburgh Penguins celebrated a back to back victory. This alone is a notable achievement, as it hasn’t happened in nearly two decades. However, Mike Sullivan is confident that with enough effort: the pens can win it all again.

Midway through the season, the pens are already projected to return to the Stanley Cup Championship. Their recent surge of energy has led them to multiple back to back victories against opponents. Although we lost three valuable players, including defenseman, Ian Cole. We were given three players who are presumed to help the pens. Including; Derick Brassard, Tobias Lindburg, and Vincent Dunn.
However, there are still threats for the Penguins to face. Injuries, especially to essential players, could throw off the whole team. It’s also easy to pick out the struggle with an inconsistent lineup. Lastly, Pittsburgh, being second in their division and defending champions, have a target painted on their backs.

The championship is still a while away. Even so, current standings show a glimmer of hope for the first 3-peat in 35 years.

Girls Basketball Senior Night

The girls basketball team has their senior night this Monday, February 12! They are playing the Lisbon Blue Devils. The girls record is 9-9 and are hoping to get another win under their belt! The seniors that are going to be recognized are Kierra Taylor, Kaylee Gump, and Tanner Yergin. This will one of the girls last home games, so everyone stop out and support! Go Beavers!